Why you should have outdoor security cameras

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When you’re setting up your surveillance cameras, you might only think about getting coverage of the inside of your home. After all, you keep your most valuable items indoors like your electronics, cash, and jewelry. You may think, “How much damage could someone really cause if they’re still outside of my home?” But there is actually quite a bit of activity that goes on just outside your walls that could provide a lot of insight into your safety. Here is why you should have outdoor security cameras:

Catch neighborhood casers

Burglary isn’t always spontaneous—some of the most successful burglars case neighborhoods and properties for weeks before making a move. They want to get to know your schedule, determine which windows and doors you tend to leave unlocked, and even figure out where exactly in your home you store your most expensive items. If a burglary ever occurs and it seems like the burglar knew precisely what to do and where to go, he had likely cased the property in advance. Having outdoor cameras, and reviewing their footage regularly, can help you notice any suspicious characters who have been passing by your property regularly.

Capture street vandalism

Not only events that occur on your property affect you—crime and vandalism on the street do, too. If someone runs over a stop sign or smashes car windows, this affects you. Your outdoor cameras could help catch the culprit.

An indicator of indoor cameras

Outdoor cameras don’t only record outdoor activities—they also tell anyone who means your property harm that there are probably indoor cameras, too. Where there is exterior surveillance, there is usually interior surveillance. Those are two hurdles that an intruder may not be willing to deal with.

Extra assurance when you’re away

When you travel, you probably want to get a complete picture of what’s happening around your home, including what’s going on in your back and front yard, carport, and side walkways. If a power line has fallen, a tree has crashed onto your roof, or the window to your garage has been broken, you can’t know this if you are traveling and only have inside cameras.

Clear up mishaps

Misunderstandings and mishaps happen. Sometimes, you and your neighbor just can’t know whose child threw the toy that broke the pool cover or set off poppers in the driveway that caused a small fire. Your cameras, however, can tell you, so you can determine who is financially responsible for the damage.

See how intruders broke in

Hopefully, your home never gets burglarized, but if it does, your best way to prevent a repeat is to know how the first one happened. Having outdoor cameras can give you a complete picture of how the break-in occurred, and lets you address security weak points.

Garage and shed valuables

You probably do store some valuables in outdoor structures like your garage or shed. Power tools, high-end bicycles, and old television sets are all worth a break-in for a burglar. So make sure that outdoor cameras also cover these areas.

Assess wildlife damage

If you live in an area that sees a lot of wildlife, then all sorts of animals might be causing damage to your property, between chewing power lines and getting into trash cans. Reviewing your outdoor surveillance can help you better understand how these animals make their moves, and come up with a plan to keep them out.

Analyze light usage

If you make use of timed or automatic lights around your property, you probably want to make sure you’re getting the most out of those. Scanning your outdoor surveillance footage can show you how well those lights are actually working, and whether or not you need to adjust their placement or add more.

You pay for and care for all of your property—inside and outside of your home—so it only makes sense that you’d monitor each part of it, too.

Posted on Monday, August 13th, 2018