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If you're considering a wireless home alarm system, Frontpoint is a great option. Frontpoint is one of the leading wireless home security system providers in the nation. Let's take a look at Frontpoint's equipment and service and see how they stack up against other home security options
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Many AirBnb hosts exclusively rent out a vacation property, meaning they barely visit the property themselves. Some hosts might go nearly a year before personally visiting their AirBnb property, simply sending in cleaning crews to tidy up the place between guests, and asking guests to leave the keys in a lockbox. But it is important, as a host, that you do an in-depth inspection of your property each time AirBnb guests check out. Should your guests have damaged something, you want to properly link the damage to the right guests. Letting several groups of guests pass through before scanning your property makes that hard to do. Here are things you should look for immediately after AirBnb renters leave. Broken faucets Turn on the faucets in every room of the house—each bathroom, the kitchen, laundry room etc. Make sure that the handles are turning smoothly and that the pipes aren’t acting up. Damage from the fireplace If you have an electric fireplace, first ensure that it is still working properly. Also, look around your fireplace for any damage. If your tenants… Read more

It’s easy to believe that crime and dangerous activities only exist in some remote, isolated area—certainly not your own. But criminal activity isn’t contained on an island of wrongdoers, all left to fend for themselves like in the Pit Bane was raised in in “Batman.” In fact, crime could be taking place not just in your neighborhood but, if you live in an apartment complex or condominium, right inside of your building. You don’t need to stay silent if you witness activity that you believe could be putting you and your neighbors at risk. Here are some suspicious neighbor behaviors you should report. Loitering in the street at night Watch out for neighbors who seem to loiter on the street late at night, or slowly cruise around your neighborhood in a car (particularly in the back allies) late at night. This is often a sign of drug dealing. If you think a drug dealer couldn’t live in your building, think again: even sellers of illicit substances need somewhere to hang their hat. Looking into car or home windows While it’s… Read more

Being the new resident in an apartment building can feel like being the new kid in school sometimes. Everybody has advice for you—some really do intend to help you, while others are just trying to get you on their side regarding certain building disputes. There are the social units who get together on the weekends and barbecue, and the ones that stick to themselves. It’s easy to feel a bit overwhelmed when you first move into an apartment building, and any time you’re overwhelmed, your guard goes down. Here are safety tips for when you’re the new resident in the building. Gather information before giving any out Everyone in the building knows a lot about one another already. But not you—you’re brand new to the environment and have a lot to learn about your neighbors. Be polite, but refrain from telling your neighbors too much about yourself (such as what you do and your income bracket) before you’ve gathered information about them. From there, you’ll know whom you feel comfortable opening up to. Stay neutral with all of your neighbors… Read more

Your fence is your first line of defense against burglars and intruders. Even if it isn’t impenetrable, bullet-proof, or lined with security guards, it can still be rather effective in preventing a burglar from even taking an interest in your home, or from getting onto your property. Don’t just think of your fence as a decorative item or something to keep your kids and pets in your yard; think of it as a security device. Here are ways to set up your fence to maximize home security. Consider the height of neighboring buildings Burglars are not the only individuals you don’t want looking inside your home. If you live next to a public building, or even next to residents you don’t know very well, think about the height of their property compared to yours. If the neighboring building is two stories high while yours is only one, then having a fence that is only one story high between the two of you still makes it quite easy for people on the second story next door to look into your property.… Read more

As summer heats up and children are freed from school, your kids will probably want to spend more time playing in your back or front yard. And you should encourage them to do so because that’s much healthier than staying inside all day playing video games or going on their laptops. But if you are lucky enough to have a yard that your kids can roam around in, just make sure you consider these safety tips and discuss them with your children. Go inside if someone approaches If your yard isn’t fenced in or doesn’t have a locked fence, then solicitors and other strangers may enter your property when your kids are playing outdoors. Instruct your children to go inside the moment that happens, and to yell to notify you that someone is on the property. If the stranger did mean your child any harm, it’s important that your child loudly vocalizes that someone is on the property so the stranger knows that an adult is inside, and monitoring the situation. Don’t answer strangers’ questions Make sure your children know… Read more