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You’ve offered to host the Thanksgiving meal this year. That’s very generous of you as it’s a big financial and time commitment. However, it’s nice to have all of your loved ones around your table, and guests are usually willing to contribute side dishes and help clean up. Just remember that you’re responsible for the safety of your guests. On a night where you may have a deep fryer running and plenty of wine pouring, that task is harder than it sounds. Once everyone arrives, you’ll be distracted by chitchat and requests for beverages so it’s best to secure your home while it’s still quiet. Here are ways to make your home safe for Thanksgiving guests. Put away precious silverware If you have precious silverware, champagne glasses, or other items you don’t want people using this evening, lock those away. When guests are hungry or thirsty, they may grab the first piece of dishware they find on a shelf, but they may accidentally break the champagne flutes you received as a wedding gift. Add the necessary instructions You’re familiar with… Read more

You’re sending your kid off for her first sleepover—it’s exciting and nerve-wracking for both of you. On the one hand, you essentially have free overnight childcare. You get your home to yourself. Maybe you and your partner can have that date night you’ve been trying to have for months. On the other hand, you’re giving someone else jurisdiction over your child for the night, and that’s a bit scary. Your kid has apprehensions, too. You can make everyone feel more at ease if you have a talk with the parent whose house your child will be sleeping at, to go over some safety matters. Who lives in the home? It won’t just be your child, his friends, and the parents at the house. There may be older children or teens living there. There could be in-laws or cousins living there temporarily. Make sure you know everyone who will be there. Meet each individual who resides there before sending your kid over. You should feel completely safe with your child being around each person under that roof—not just his friend. Get… Read more

People move to the suburbs for a lot of reasons, but one of them is to feel safer. And, in most cases, families do have a more peaceful life away from the city, where they don’t hear as many sirens or read about as many crimes in the newspaper. But the suburbs are a unique landscape. While suspicious individuals may not be able to move around, unnoticed the way they can in the bustling city streets, criminals do see the worth in visiting the suburbs, because that’s where the wealth tends to be. If you are moving to the suburbs, it’s important to just understand the environment. Here is why crime may be less frequent, but more severe, in the suburbs. A suburb burglary is worth the work While getting to the suburbs, and getting into someone’s house unnoticed, is much harder for a burglar than it is to sneak into a massive apartment complex, it’s worth the work. Burglars know that there is more wealth in the suburbs. So making the trip there, and finding a way into a… Read more

So you’re expecting a new nanny. You’ve interviewed dozens, called referrals, run background checks, and found one you feel really confident about. That’s a feat, in and of itself. Now you need to make sure your nanny has everything she needs to do a great job, and that you’ve arranged your home and other details in a way that leaves you feeling comfortable. Here is how to prepare your nanny for her new job, and how to prepare your home for the nanny. Provide her with a list of phone numbers Your nanny should have a list of all pertinent numbers. This should include every way to reach you, from your cell to your office phone, a close friend or family member’s phone number who can answer questions when you cannot be reached, the pediatrician’s phone number, and the school’s phone number. Write down instructions for appliances Make sure your nanny knows how to use important appliances like the thermostat, TV, washing machine, dishwasher, and any other machine she may need on a daily basis. You can walk her through… Read more

When you lead a very busy life complete with kids, pets, a career, and a social life, sometimes you need some extra helping hands to make it all work. Luckily, there are people you can hire (or ask nicely) to fill in the gaps when you can’t manage it all. However, you may not necessarily want them all to have keys to your home, but you do need to provide them access. Here are ways you can use your home automated system to manage dog walkers, landscapers, and more. Schedule locks If your dog sitter is set to stop by each day at 3 pm while you’re at work, you need to find some way to let her in. Leaving a spare key under a doormat makes your home vulnerable, and you may not want to make her her own copy. Using your automated system, you can schedule the front door to unlock for her arrival time. Hopefully, she’ll lock up when she leaves but in case she forgets, you can also schedule doors to re-lock after the dog walker’s… Read more