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If you're considering a wireless home alarm system, Frontpoint is a great option. Frontpoint is one of the leading wireless home security system providers in the nation. Let's take a look at Frontpoint's equipment and service and see how they stack up against other home security options
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Even if you don’t consider yourself someone who has a lot of guests over, if you think back over the last month, you may realize that you’ve had quite a few visitors. Your landlord stopped by with a plumber, one of your neighbors knocked on your door to deliver a package accidentally dropped at their door, and your child's friend's nanny (who is a total stranger to you) picked up the kid after a play date. People only need to pass through your home for a moment—or even just peek in the front door—to see some rather private and valuable items. Here are 10 things you probably leave out, but shouldn’t. Jewelry Perhaps you do your final accessorizing at the mirror by the front door, trying on a few pieces of jewelry before selecting the one you’ll wear. Don’t leave the rejects there—put them in a safe box, in a private room. It’s all too easy for a stranger to pocket these, even if they don’t fully enter your house. Calendars Calendars contain things like travel dates, or the date a… Read more

When it comes to deterring burglars and protecting your home, there’s nothing quite as effective as just being home. But you can’t always be home, so the next best thing is appearing to be home. Leaving a few lights on or keeping the television turned up when you’re away can help scare off an amateur burglar, but the more seasoned criminals are onto these tricks. If you want to discourage the expert-level intruder, you’ll need to step up your game. Here are genius ways to make it look like you’re home, even to the expert burglar. Leave dirty shoes outdoors Leave a set of muddy shoes on your front door step. You can ask a neighbor to stomp them through some fresh mud every few days, so that it always looks like someone just took those off and went inside. Have a neighbor move your car If someone is casing your home, they’ll notice if your car doesn’t move once in several days. Ask a neighbor to move your car a few times while you’re away, and to re-park it… Read more

A good babysitter is hard to find, so when the one you and your children have loved for years moves, leaves for college, or simply gets another job that makes her unavailable for babysitting, it can leave everybody feeling a bit unhinged. You have to put much of your life on hold until you’ve found a proper replacement, or you simply have to bring your kids along to work, social engagements, and other places where they probably don’t belong. Even when you do find a new sitter who seems qualified, leaving her alone with your kids for the first time is always nerve wracking. Here are some tips to help you feel safe leaving your kids with a new babysitter. Make sure they have the proper training Make sure your babysitter is CPR, first aid, and infant & toddler safety trained. Even if your friend’s daughter is incredibly sweet and responsible, and your children love her, you still shouldn’t hire her if she doesn’t have those qualifications. Her sweet disposition won’t be of any help if a child is choking. Show… Read more

The convenience of ordering products to your home isn’t quite worth the risk that comes with it. It seems almost everyone has several stories of a package that just vanished in thin air. They received the notification from UPS or Amazon that the item was delivered, and yet, when they got home the package was nowhere to be found. Some people are even sitting on their couch when they get an email saying their package was just dropped off, but nobody knocked on the door, and nothing is at their doorstep. How do these things happen? Here are the surprising reasons packages go missing. “Neighbors” offer to deliver it for you Those working for Amazon Prime, UPS, or the US Postal Service want to finish their workday as soon as possible, just like everybody else. So sometimes, when someone claiming to be your neighbor approaches a lost-looking delivery person and says, “I know where her unit is—I’ll take it there for you” the delivery person hands over your package. But that “neighbor” could have been a complete stranger who just… Read more

When you move in with your significant other, you need to get used to one another’s habits. Most couples only worry about issues like cleanliness, sleep schedules, needing alone time, or differences in decorating tastes. But the habits your partner had before moving in with you may also be ones that could put your safety at risk. Here are nine safety issues to discuss when moving in with a significant other. Being private about travel If you take vacations together, make sure your partner doesn’t post photos from the trip until you’re back home. You should also ensure he/she doesn’t post statuses online about your travels. Even simply checking into the airport through Facebook can tell strangers that your home is vacant. Perhaps you’ve always been good about keeping travel private until you get home, but now you have a live-in partner who may not be as careful. Not announcing when you're home alone If your partner is going on a trip and leaving you home alone for a few days, make sure he doesn’t announce it publicly. You never know who is… Read more