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If you have a swimming pool, then your home must be the most popular one on the block now that the temperature is rising. A swimming pool can provide your kids and their friends with hours of entertainment and is a much healthier way to pass the hours than playing video games or watching TV. But, any time you have a large body of water and small children in the same place, you do need to consider some safety precautions. So, before you open the pool for the season, here are ways to make your pool area safer. Add a barrier Consider adding a barrier—like a fence—around your in-ground swimming pool so children cannot walk right up to the water’s edge when you aren’t looking. If you have an above ground pool, removing the steps when you aren’t around to supervise is a simple way to keep children from entering the pool. Install alarms around the pool Install alarms around the pool. You can either put alarms on the gate you’ve installed or put motion sensor alarms around the area… Read more

Summer break can be a rather panicked time for parents. Suddenly, the built-in childcare that comes with a school is gone and parents are left trying to figure out how to entertain and supervise their children between the hours of 8 am to 3 pm (perhaps even 6 or 7 pm for those whose kids went to after-school activities). Just because school takes a break during the summer, doesn’t mean moms and dads get to—many still have to go to work. This leaves the question: what do they do with their kids? Now they’ll be home, or perhaps at camp or at friends’ houses and parents need to be a little more cautious. Here are safety precautions to take now that kids are home from school. Have them play in the backyard If you have both a backyard and a front yard, keep your kids in the back one. It’s too easy for a predator to approach your children when they’re playing in the front yard. Burglars casing your home could also ask your children questions about your schedule, what… Read more

When you’ve been a pet owner for years, there are certain habits and routines that are just on autopilot. You don’t even think about these activities, but you perform them every day, like refilling your pet’s water bowl and moving toys out of walkways. But there are some habits of pet owners that can put your home and animal at a heightened risk for vandalism, theft, and more. Here are safety precautions all pet owners should take. Interview pet walkers/sitters If someone pet sits for you, that individual spends time in your home when you are not there. A pet, unlike a child, cannot report back what the sitter did. A pet can’t tell you if the sitter stole something, or had visitors over. Thoroughly interview pet sitters and call their references. Lock up the doggy door If you have an enclosed yard, you may have installed a doggy door so that your pet can go in and out of the house as he pleases, without your needing to open the door. But doggy doors are still major weak points… Read more

If you’ve been considering getting a Post Office box (or P.O. box), but are hesitant about the idea because you don’t want to have to leave your home to get your letters, it might be time to take a closer look at why these can be so helpful. Here are convincing reasons to get a P.O. box. Constant surveillance Remember that P.O. stands for Post office because your P.O. box will live inside of the post office. That means that, so long as the post office is open, there are staff members inside, keeping an eye on your mailbox. This makes it particularly difficult for anyone to steal your mail or packages, or to stuff junk mail into your box. Even when the post office is closed, it is still under 24-hour surveillance, so should anyone vandalize or rob the premises, you will have a way to catch the criminal. It is locked If you have a house, then you likely have an unlocked mailbox that anyone can open and take mail out of, or put mail into that you… Read more

If you’re a very busy person, you might consider your car your second home. With all the time you need to spend in there, you might keep snacks, water, a change of clothes, a car charger, some books, and a number of other things to help get you through the week. While it’s convenient to let some belongings permanently live in your car, you have to remember that your vehicle is vulnerable. You likely park it on streets and in public lots several times a week. Even in your driveway, your car is still exposed to the elements and people passing by. With that in mind, here are things you should never leave in your car. Electronics You probably wouldn’t leave your laptop in plain view on your passenger seat, but don’t forget about the smaller electronics you use in your vehicle on a regular basis. A GPS system, for example,  can easily be resold for several hundred dollars. While it may be a hassle to detach it from your dashboard every time you park your car, not doing so… Read more