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In a day of social media and text messaging, it is very rare that a friend or neighbor show up unannounced at your door. Some people even joke that calling someone, rather than sending a text, is the modern equivalent of showing up at someone’s door. Whether or not that is true, you can probably agree that we live in a society that is more social online than in real life, so when someone you weren’t expecting comes knocking on your door, it can come as a shock. It feels rude to not answer, especially when you know that the knocker is aware of your presence. But resisting the urge to be polite could save your valuables and even your life. Here are unexpected reasons you should never answer the door for a stranger. They may be assessing if you live alone It could be a criminal, posing as a city inspector, plumber, or some other professional. His intention might be to assess whether you live with others, or by yourself. Individuals living solo are easier targets for crime. A… Read more

There are parts of Halloween that are supposed to be scary, like the grim reaper blow-up dolls, tombstones on front lawns, and candy that look like eyeballs. But then there are scary elements of this holiday that you don’t want, like threats to your home security. Criminals can get away with a lot around Halloween. There’s nothing out of the ordinary about wearing a mask, for example, so they can roam the streets unnoticed. People are also opening their doors for strangers otherwise known as trick or treaters. It is, inherently, a risky holiday in many ways, but if it’s one of your favorites, then you may be that house with the most jaw-dropping decorations. You can still be that house, but you should be aware of these ways your Halloween decorations can affect your home security. Don’t let them obscure cameras Make sure your decorations do not obscure your security cameras. Remember that fake cobwebs can hang over cameras, and blow-up displays that wave around can intermittently interrupt the view. After setting up your decorations, review the surveillance from… Read more

Although we mostly associate fire with summer since that is technically fire season, the fall poses its own threats of uncontrolled flames. Much of the shrubs and trees are still quite dry for the first part of fall, and while the weather stops providing warmth, we seek it through furnaces, space heaters, and other risky alternatives. As the leaves turn red and orange, it’s time to scan your home for fire hazards so the trees are the only red and orange you see. Here are fall fire hazards to get under control, now. Clear areas in front of fireplaces Make sure the area surrounding the fireplace is completely clear. There shouldn’t be any potentially flammable object, like curtains, an indoor plant, or a sofa skirt, within at least seven feet of the flame. Set space heaters on timers If you would like to use space heaters to conserve energy and just keep one or two important rooms warm, be very careful. Space heaters are the cause of many home fires. Put them on timers so that if you forget to… Read more

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night to hear a window being smashed in. At first, you might fear that it’s a window in your own home. Hopefully, you don’t go looking into that in person (since it may not be safe), but you grab your tablet or smartphone, tune into the live feed coming from your security cameras, and see that your property is, in fact, secure. So where did the smash come from? You look outside the window and realize…it was your neighbor’s home. And two or three individuals are crawling in a window, with one staying in a running van out front. Your neighbor’s property is being burglarized. What do you do? Do not try to interfere First, do not put your safety at risk by trying to interfere. You want to help your neighbor, but you may just hurt yourself if you show up with a bat in hand, ready to make threats. You should and will be of help with our upcoming tips, but not by interfering in person. Call the police Immediately… Read more

It’s that time of the year again when children are stocking up on pencils and paper, students are rushing to sign up for their preferred extracurricular activities, and school principals are calling assemblies so all new teachers can introduce themselves to the kids. Back to school time is an exciting time, full of renewed energy. But it’s also a time full of change for everyone. During the summer months, children usually aren’t as busy. You can try to keep them occupied with camp and other activities, but their lives just aren’t quite as scheduled as when they take the 7am bus to school and get home from sports practice at 6pm. So your home safety tactics and routine should change, too. Home automation for a vacant home Not that children are exactly effective security guards, but older children and teens at home may have been deterrents for potential burglars. If your kids were home in the afternoon while you were still at work during the summer, simply seeing lights go on & off and hearing voices in the house may have… Read more