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If you're considering a wireless home alarm system, Frontpoint is a great option. Frontpoint is one of the leading wireless home security system providers in the nation. Let's take a look at Frontpoint's equipment and service and see how they stack up against other home security options
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When you’re setting up your surveillance cameras, you might only think about getting coverage of the inside of your home. After all, you keep your most valuable items indoors like your electronics, cash, and jewelry. You may think, “How much damage could someone really cause if they’re still outside of my home?” But there is actually quite a bit of activity that goes on just outside your walls that could provide a lot of insight into your safety. Here is why you should have outdoor security cameras: Catch neighborhood casers Burglary isn’t always spontaneous—some of the most successful burglars case neighborhoods and properties for weeks before making a move. They want to get to know your schedule, determine which windows and doors you tend to leave unlocked, and even figure out where exactly in your home you store your most expensive items. If a burglary ever occurs and it seems like the burglar knew precisely what to do and where to go, he had likely cased the property in advance. Having outdoor cameras, and reviewing their footage regularly, can help… Read more

Landlords certainly have their work cut out for them. Any time a faucet drips, a toilet runs, or a window crank slows, they get a phone call. But tenants can forget that they’re entitled to requesting upgrades in addition to repairs. You don’t need to save your calls to your landlord for those times when something breaks. He’s required to provide you a place where you feel safe, and that may involve making some improvements. Here are safety upgrades a good landlord should be willing to make. Update or install peepholes If your doors do not already have peepholes, your landlord should be willing to install them. Everyone should have a way to see who is at their front door before opening it. If your doors already have peepholes, but they are very old, and mostly crusted or fogged over, your landlord should replace them. Add automatic lights to corridors If you live in a building that isn’t guarded by a gate, then you’re quite vulnerable when you stand at your front door, rummaging through your bag for your keys.… Read more

Having the option to sublet your apartment is wonderful. It gives you the freedom to travel for several months, take a temporary job in another city, or even make a little extra income if you sublet at a markup. Of course, your sub-lessee is an extension of you, and anything he does will be a reflection on what sort of tenant you are. So it’s important not only to choose your sub-lessee carefully but also to make sure he is clear on certain rules. Remember that if your landlord takes issue with your sub-lessee, it could be you who loses your residence. Here are important rules to set with a sub-lessee. There is a limit on guests Make sure your sub-lessee understands what the limit is on guests. It’s okay to put a limit in his contract that is typically smaller than most renter’s limits in the building. You want the least (and possibly none) amount of damage done to this apartment when the sub-lessee is there, and limiting guests is a good way to ensure that. No overnight guests… Read more

When you’re driving around your city, looking for those bright red “For Lease” or “For Rent” signs, there are probably a lot of factors you consider. Do the buildings look new and modern? Is the neighborhood close to public transportation, a school, or restaurants and shops? But there’s one more thing you should look out for: lots of moving trucks. At first, these may seem like a good thing, because it means that units are opening up. But you should ask yourself why people are leaving at such a rapid rate? Here are the dangers of apartment buildings with frequent turnover. It could be due to landlord neglect It’s possible that residents leave a building often due to landlord neglect. Maybe the property owner doesn’t see to issues like termite infestations, poor plumbing, or broken mailboxes, in a timely manner. If a landlord doesn’t make creating a livable environment a top priority for his tenants, then his tenants are bound to leave quickly. Make sure to ask current tenants of buildings you’re interested in how responsive the landlord is. Crime… Read more

When nearly everyone you know hires someone to clean their home, having a total stranger sweeping the shelves containing your precious family photos and wiping down the medicine cabinets holding your prescriptions seems perfectly normal. It’s easy to forget just how intimate these professionals get with our homes. In fact, in order for them to do a thorough job, they almost have to have access to private areas of our houses, and rooms that contain things like personal documents and family heirlooms. Choosing a housekeeper isn’t a decision to be taken lightly. While thoroughly researching and interviewing housekeepers may be time-consuming, not doing so could mean you pay a high price later. Here is how to interview and hire a housekeeper you trust. Ask for references Don’t be shy about asking for references. If the person is insulted you ask, then that’s a clear sign that you probably shouldn’t hire them. Anyone with a good reputation will be glad to hand over references. Ask how long they’ve been a housekeeper Ideally, you want to hire someone who has been a… Read more