White Picket Protection

Picture this: Your ideal home is sitting atop a grassy hill, like in the movies. It is the perfect size, surrounded by the perfectly sized yard. Adorned with trees, a vegetable garden and flowers year-round, it feels like a haven. Only one key element is missing: The perfect fence.

Fences not only add style to your home, but they are a great way to section off your property and define the home security boundary lines between you, your neighbors, and public land and recreational facilities that meet your yard.  They are especially helpful if you live near a park, school, public buildings, or a busy road. For instance, when I was a child, my two-story family home was located directly behind my elementary school, with the backyard facing the schoolyard. It was convenient for me, as I did not have to walk more than a quarter of a mile to reach my classroom (plus, I got those five minutes of extra rest each day). But during the afternoon weekday hours, recess occurred, and that meant over fifty children would be playing soccer or tetherball near our personal property. To clearly mark our lawn, we installed a picket fence surrounding my house to clearly draw a rule between the school and the backyard owned by my family. Thus, the elementary school students knew where to play, and were given a sense of where not to go (our backyard). Another common example is the neighborhood park. It is always convenient to have a jogging area and an outdoor climbing space, complete with jungle gym and benches, right near your home. The comfort of knowing the members of the community at your own daytime a picnic space is a perk. But if your yard edges against this community area, the consequences of a rambunctious play time or a runner letting off some steam might affect your property. Having a hyperactive child, or an overzealous jogger trample your grass or truly accidentally run over a flower you’ve been cultivating can be frustrating. That is why a fence is an important element of your home security, including the security of your yard, which you maintain with great care.

The white picket fence is considered a staple of idealism. It is thought of as decoration, bending around the whole house to add that suburban flare. However, the truth is that a fence can maintain a boundary line and provide another buffer of home security for your family and your property. Having a sturdy, but unassuming fence around your property can minimize stray animals and trespassers from casually strolling onto your property. Even casual strollers and pesky animals can cause a sufficient amount of damage to your yard, and all in a flash. Luckily for those with fences, it takes a little more effort to ruin your pride and joy. Thus, if you have a fence, you can still plant your flowers, and have your garden. Consider the protection of a picket fence today, and feel safe in knowing the pique of ideal—that white picket fence—really is doing its job.

Photo via Kevin H.

Posted on Friday, August 13th, 2010