Where Surveillance Cameras Should (And Shouldn’t) Be Visible

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Surveillance cameras can be one of your greatest allies when it comes to preventing crime, as well as catching criminals who successfully burglarized your home. Having visible security cameras can be a blessing and a curse.

On one hand, visible units can deter some of the more novice burglars. That being said, advanced burglars love being able to see where your cameras are. They case your property early, from afar, identify these cameras, and make a plan to get around them or disable them. If that occurs, you’ll also want some hidden units so you can still capture the criminals.

Here are places your surveillance cameras should be visible, and where they should be hidden.

Hidden: in children’s rooms

Having hidden cameras in your children’s rooms can help you keep an eye on your kid’s activities as well as your nanny’s or babysitter’s activities. Since you can’t always watch your children or rely on them to tell you the truth about who broke what or what their babysitter did, it’s important to have cameras help you in this department. This can eliminate a confusing he said/she said dispute.

Visible: at the front of your property

Certainly put some cameras at the front of your property, so that burglars don’t want to even cross the threshold onto your premises. Just make sure they are high enough up that burglars can’t easily tamper with them.

Visible: over your garage

Having visible cameras over your garage can deter burglars from trying to break in and steal your vehicle, or the valuables you store near it. Make sure you don’t have ladders around that burglars could use to climb up on the garage and disable your cameras.

Hidden: in your living room

Should a burglar already make it into your home, you want a chance to gather as much information about him as possible. Hidden cameras in your living room could capture details like his voice, posture, tattoos, and other helpful details. When criminals don’t know cameras are nearby they could accidentally get close to them, which is helpful for you.

Hidden: in your office

If you have assistants or other individuals who spend time in your home office, having hidden cameras can help you monitor them and pinpoint the cause of items that go missing or are tampered with. Depending on the regulations in your area, you may need to post a sign notifying people they are being filmed in your home, but concealing cameras could still help reveal the true nature of people’s activities in your office.

Visible: over the back door

You should definitely install visible cameras over your back door. When criminals see cameras over your front door, one of the first places they’ll check next is your back door. If they find cameras there too, they might give up on your home entirely for being too much hassle, or out of fear that a neighbor will see them walking around your property.

Visible: street-facing windows

Don’t forget your street-facing windows. The street is the prime area from which criminals will observe your home, after all. If they see that you’ve installed cameras above your windows, they will probably gather that you’ve also installed them over your main entrances and may move on to a different property.

Hidden: backyard

Between nannies, landscapers, pool cleaners, and assistants, a lot of individuals you don’t know that well spend time on your property. Consider installing concealed cameras in your backyard. This can help you catch anyone who is vandalizing your property or stealing items from your shed.

Visible: basement and attic stairs

The basement and attic might be top targets for burglars who make it into your home. And for good reason, since you likely store valuables in these rooms. So install visible cameras at the entryway to the basement and attic stairways to deter burglars from entering them.

There are times when letting the presence of your cameras be known can be helpful, and times when it can be a detriment. Think about your lifestyle and property and decide where cameras should be hidden and where they should be visible.

Posted on Thursday, June 7th, 2018