Vamp up Home Security with Painting Peephole Cameras

If you’ve been having issues with items being mysteriously taken around your house or just want to check up on your eccentric roommate or babysitter, you might want to invest in a hidden spy camera.  Before assuming your worst fears, it’s important to have the proof before you go accusing someone of stealing.  The proof is in the pudding as they say and there’s no better choice than an inconspicuous oil painting peephole camera with a convenient remote control.  It will be hard to deny once they see there on video helping themselves to your personal property. Home security systems spy cameras have come a long way in recent years.  Places now offer high class paintings with hidden pinhole color cameras.  Digital video recording functions have never been easier or more convenient.  Most include memory cards with built in USB connections that allow you download the video straight to your personal computer.

At 30 frames per second these small cameras are surprisingly capable.  These paintings are powered by ion batteries that generally operate continuously for up to 10 days on standby mode.  After that, you just charge the peephole camera with the attached USB charging cord and data cable.  Included remote controls allow you to zoom and pan any targeted room you plan to monitor.  Think of it as security and surveillance detail wrapped secretly inside a decorative home accessory.

With 4GB of memory you have a lot of options for storing video footage to review at your convenience.  Depending on its complexity, some painting peephole cameras include infrared technology.  This feature allows you to see black and white images clearly when it’s completely dark or in low light conditions.  The pinhole digital video recorder is so small it is very hard for human eyes to discern its location.  Your included tiny remote control can be applied to almost any situation you deem fit by the press of a button.  The camera itself is very easy to operate and the painting has a built in microphone for quality sound.  Pinhole cameras are now being used inside mirrors, clocks, radios, and car keys.  Some are even motion activated and feature color video feeds.

Spy tools have been used as inexpensive home security systems and just got more innovative by hiding them within a beautiful painting.  There is plenty of equipment available on the market today that all you to be your own home security investigator and conduct sneaky detective work around your own schedule.

Photo via Jim Frazier

Posted on Friday, October 8th, 2010