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Submitted by Cynthia Warner

We've had Vivint for about three months. We love this system. We would definitely recommend this system.

Submitted by Garren Miles

Love it. Life time warranty on all equipment.

Submitted by Becky Meyers

Vivint has been voted as the #1 Security Company in the USA by nationwide Police Departments and also awarded the Consumer Best Buy Award in it's class. No other system that uses a wirelesss cellular transmission system in this price range packs as many security and automation components in one package as vivint does

Submitted by Betty

Excellent customer service, great equipment .

Submitted by James Anderson

I had my system installed last week, I wouldn't change a single thing about it. I paid $0 down and had over 4K in equipment installed.

Submitted by Taylor Ford

Had such an amazing experience! I love having the doorbell camera. I just saw and talked to my neighbor from 34,000 ft! It's so easy to use and The automation is seamless. Lobe my system. Highly recommend!

Submitted by Tammy

I love Vivint, they are user friendly and my children love the cameras and keyless door entry.

Submitted by Randy Dyer

To say that I am please with my Vivint security system is a major understatement. I previously had a system the name only having three letters, that began with an A and ended with a T. Where they would only cover two windows and three doors and a keypad, VIVINT offered 14 windows, 4 Exterior doors, 1 Sliding Glass Door sensor, a Glass Break Detector, emergency pendant plus two infrared cameras plus the video touchpad and a remote key fob, etc all for only $300 including installation. THEY HAVE BEEN AMAZING AND I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM TO EVERYONE! I purchased the system for the security of my elderly mother and it truly relieved a lot of stress knowing she is protected as much as possible. The monthly rate is more reasonable than A_T the other company I previously had. We went to dinner one night and about 20 minutes after leaving, My smartphone went off with a break-in alert and I was able to see everything going on. The cops were on the scene checking everything inside the house and was shocked when I saw the time stamp on the video. The cops showed up 12 minutes after the alarm went off. My guess is that the intruders got driven away by the sound of the alarm. I have interior and exterior cameras that are clear as can be! I just can't say enough good about Vivint !!! Their customer service is awesome as well. Very polite and ready to help with anything!

Submitted by Ralph Chapman

A month ago I had Vivint installed in my home. The tech was excellent and was able to use all the equipment that I had from a previous system. A touch pad control panel was installend.It is truly statement of the art! Looks and works just like my Ipad computer. The system is also controlled on my Iphone and all of my computers. The system is flawless. I could not be more pleased with the system and the customer service. I did not pay anything for the device upgrades and the monitoring is amazing. We have accidently set the alarm off 3 times. Each time, the monitoring agent was on the cell phone built into the control panel instantly! I was particularly impressed with this response time and also by the excellent tech who made it all work so very well. I have recommended Vivint to friends and neighbors several of whom have gotten the service too. I have turned off my landline phone since it is not needed for the security system.

Submitted by Sue holtz

One word Amazing!!! I have them installed and they blow everyone out of the water.