Understanding Home Security System Door Sensors

Your home security system is only as good as the components that make it work. Understanding a little bit about your door sensors can help insure that your system is up and running at all times, and that if there’s a problem you’ll recognize it.

The door sensor is one of the most basic components of your home security system. They are the basic building block from which the rest of your system grows, and a system isn’t complete without them.

Door Sensor – Must Know Facts

Here are some basic concepts surrounding the door sensors on your home security system that you should understand:

  • There are multiple types of door sensors on the market today. Most door sensors are magnetic, although others may be optical or even based on motion-detecting technology.
  • A magnetic door sensor works like this: when a door is closed, the magnets in the sensor and the plate touch. This creates an electrical circuit. When the door opens, the circuit breaks. This causes the home security system alarm to activate.
  • An optical door sensor relies on a beam of light. When something interrupts that beam of light, a signal is sent to the home alarm system and the alarm is activated.
  • Motion sensitive door sensors look for motion. They are typically aimed at the door itself, and when the door moves or when someone travels through the doorway, the alarm is activated.
  • Door sensors are only useful if they cover all of your entrances. If you leave a single door without a sensor, you’ve created an easy path for a burglar.
  • Door sensors aren’t the only necessary part of a good home security system. You should consider window sensors, motion-activated lighting, and other possible components.
  • A home security system isn’t enough by itself, either. You’ll want to complement the home security system with other security measures, such as deadbolt locks and making sure that all of your home’s entrances are clearly visible from the road.

If you have a wireless home security system, make sure you change the batteries in your door sensors on a regular basis, as recommended by the manufacturer.

Posted on Monday, October 24th, 2011