Top Types of Home Security Cameras

If you’re looking for a home security camera system, it’s easy to get at least a little bit overwhelmed. Every vendor out there wants you to believe their product is the best, that they can provide the highest degree of safety and that their technology is superior. The truth of the matter is that the type of home security cameras that are best for your home depends on a number of factors, and not every camera is right for every home.

Here’s a look at some of the top types of security cameras and options on the market today:

Motion-sensitive security cameras

This kind of device relies on infrared light patterns to activate. It will watch the infrared spectrum and when it registers movement, it will trigger an action. Typically, this action is the sounding of an alarm or turning on of a floodlight, but there are some that will send a signal directly to your home security alarm company, too. The photosensors on these cameras can be calibrated to varying levels of sensitivity so that a stray cat or squirrel doesn’t activate the alarm but a human being would.

Night vision security cameras

This type of camera takes your home safety a step further. It uses infrared to assemble a high-res image of whatever is passing by, even if there is no ambient light whatsoever. Also known as “thermal imaging,” this is the same kind of technology you hear about being used in military situations.

DVR kit home security cameras

Some home security cameras come as part of a kit. Rather than just detecting motion or allowing you to see in the dark, these systems will record a varying amount of video captured from your camera. The larger the DVR drive, the more video you can record. Often, to increase capacity, these systems can be set to record timed image captures with a few seconds in between rather than constantly recorded video.

Tube cameras

This type of home security camera style is becoming more popular. This typically consists of a cylindrical camera attached to a mount with a rotating ball. This gives your camera the ability to point in whatever direction you’d like it to. These cameras are often smaller than box cameras, and therefore less obtrusive.

Dome home security cameras

These are the kinds of security cameras you’re likely to see in a business. The camera has a protective outer shell that conceals the camera. Inside the shell, the camera can point in any number of directions. You can set your security system up to have that camera rotate and take video at various angles, or you can manipulate its direction manually. These are significantly more expensive than most other options. (More on Dome Cameras)

Hidden home security cameras

Some people prefer their security systems to be visible, as this often will serve as a deterrent for burglars and others. Visible cameras also provide a target that can be disabled, of course, so other folks prefer a system that isn’t blatantly obvious.

Fake home security cameras

The effectiveness of fake security cameras is, of course, suspect. They may deter some criminals who are acting in an opportunity fashion, but if you’re being directly targeted it’s not especially likely that they’re going to fall for it.

It’s important to take some time to understand your options so you can truly choose the best home security cameras for your own needs.

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Posted on Monday, February 21st, 2011