Top 7 Locations for Your Home Surveillance Cameras

home security camera

Once you’ve put the time into researching the best surveillance cameras for your needs and invested money in these essential security tools, you’re faced with one important question: where do I put these?

Your cameras won’t do you any good if they face the complete opposite direction of where the action happens around your home. And some ideal locations for surveillance cameras are not as obvious as you’d think. That’s ok – we’re here to help! We’ve outlined the top 7 locations around your home where you’re most likely to benefit from camera surveillance.

1. Anywhere a Burglary Has Already Occurred

Before covering surveillance cameras for burglary prevention, let’s discuss using cameras to prevent a repeat burglary. If your home has ever been burglarized and you know where the perpetrator entered your house, you can almost be certain that is the most vulnerable area on your property. Put surveillance cameras there immediately.

2. Above all Entryways

This includes your front door, back door and even any inconspicuous side doors that lead into your house. Keep in mind that many burglars case your property before attacking it, so they’re probably familiar with the screen door that leads from the laundry room into the side yard. Position your cameras high enough so it won’t be easy for burglars to vandalize them or cover them up. If you can tuck the body of the camera under an awning or some shrubbery, even better—that way, the burglars may not be aware of its existence. If your home only has one level and your camera will be within arm’s reach of a burglar, put a cage or some sort of protection around it.

3. Back and Side Windows

If your burglar’s plan of attack is to enter through a window that can’t be seen from the street (in other words, from witnesses,) then you’ll be glad you have surveillance cameras there. If you have any off-street windows with a large piece of furniture in front of them that a burglar could use to climb in, these are the windows the thief will probably target.

4. Room Where You Keep Your Valuables

Hopefully, a burglar never makes it this far, but if he/she does, you’ll be relieved that you can identify them. The room in which your safe, any financial documents, or valuable family heirlooms live should be armed with a camera surveillance.

5. Entrance to Your Yard

Whether you have a gate, fence or simply a large hedge surrounding your yard, place a surveillance camera at the entrance. Some burglars don’t even run the risk of entering your home to steal things, but rather go straight for your backyard, garage or shed. They know they can find valuable electric appliances here, extra televisions, bicycles and more.

6. Basement Entryways

If you have a ground-level window that leads into your home, make sure you put a surveillance camera here. Burglars love it when you have some underground path for them to take into your home because they believe these are rarely monitored. Keep in mind that any surveillance camera that won’t be placed near motion sensor lights needs to have night vision so it can capture burglars who work under the cover of darkness.

7. Entrance to Your Driveway

Burglars often spend a little time near the entrance to your driveway, monitoring your property to see when you’re home, or when you’ve gone to bed for the night. If you have surveillance cameras there, you could potentially get a good shot of the burglar’s face. You may also capture the license plate on their getaway car that they parked just outside of your driveway.

Surveillance cameras can be your ticket to identifying your burglars and reclaiming your belongings. Select strategic locations for them so they can go to work for you.

Posted on Thursday, March 9th, 2017