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Those looking for home security systems in Phoenix and other Arizona cities may want to consider Titan Alarm. As a new company with something to prove, Titan promises homeowners total control over their home security systems, flexible security solutions, and an affordable rate of $34.97/month. With low installation costs–just $47 for activation–homeowners can get their home security up and running in no time thanks to Titan Alarm.


The control panel used by Titan Alarm is the 2GIG Go! Control, a touchscreen device that is made to be very user-friendly. The wireless monitoring system is designed with easy access in mind, offering homeowners two-way voice control, the ability to receive notifications via their cellphone or email, and even the latest weather news. With a 24-hour battery backup, the home alarm system will always be on.

The rest of the devices included in the home security system are also made by 2GIG, a company that has been known to rival Honeywell and DMP for quality. While Honeywell focuses more on wired systems, the 2GIG wireless system is compatible with all of the alarms, monitors, and cameras used by Titan Alarm. Even home automation devices are available from Titan Alarm, ensuring that homeowners have total control at home.

Monitoring and Services

Titan Alarm has only been in business for four years, but already it has established itself in the city of Phoenix. With the average response time of 35 to 45 minutes, the company ensures that homeowners’ problems are reported to the local emergency services punctually. The fact that Titan Alarm uses top notch technology provides its customers with an edge, as the 2GIG devices are high tech and very user friendly.

For those who travel frequently, the Titan Alarm app will allow them to access their home security systems to monitor the goings-on at home. Users can review security footage, check into alerts and notifications, and make changes to the home security system as desired. With home automation controls, it’s easy for users to adjust the lights and temperature in order to keep utility bills low. Scheduling appliances is a breeze with the app, as well as via the control panel.

Titan Alarm does only have a B rating with the BBB, indicating a wide number of complaints about the company. Customers have mentioned that the company uses unethical business practices when trying to sign new clients, as well as using “bait and switch” tactics–offering one thing and delivering something else entirely.


The installation costs offered by Titan Alarm begin at $47 for a basic security system, one of the best prices in the region. Monitoring starts at $34.97/month, though the price rises as more advanced equipment is added to the system. The contract lasts for 36 months, the industry standard.

The Good

With home automation devices and remote access software, the Titan Alarm systems are made to be as user-friendly as possible

The system and products used by Titan Alarm are top-of-the-line 2GIG, a highly rated manufacturer

The Bad

Prices raise significantly when adding necessary services

And The Ugly

Customer service is not rated the best

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Available Benefits

  • Wireless Monitoring Systems
  • Remote Access/Control
  • Video Cameras/Surveillance
  • Glass Break/Motion Detectors
  • Door/Window Contacts
  • Smoke/CO2/Heat Detectors and Alarms
  • Home Automation Devices
  • 24-hour Monitoring

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