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Most people know Time Warner as the cable company providing high-priced internet and cable TV, but did you know it also provides home security? From home automation to remote access to the Intelligent Home system, Time Warner offers high quality home security and protection. The prices may be a bit higher than the other options in your area, but with Time Warner in every city around the country, its services can be fairly convenient.


The equipment used by Time Warner is all made by SMC Networks, a company that manufactures the devices used by 12 of the country’s top 14 multi-service providers–including Comcast and Rogers. The home monitoring package comes with a touchscreen monitor that services as a control panel for the entire system. It allows for total automation of the security system, as well as the lighting and HVAC controls. The touchscreen can be connected via both Ethernet cable and wireless networks to the motion sensors and video cameras in your home, allowing total monitoring of what’s going on inside your house.

Monitoring and Services

Connecting the home security and monitoring system is fairly easy, as Time Warner provides a touchscreen for user-friendly access. The touchscreen acts as the central device for controlling the entire system, but users can access the control panel remotely via an app downloaded to their smart phone, tablet, or PC. As long as the device is connected to the internet, the home security system can be access anywhere in the world. Once logged into the control panel remotely, homeowners can view the feeds of the video cameras installed by Time Warner. The motion sensors the company offers aren’t just highly sensitive to motion, but also vibration, temperature changes, RFI, static electricity, and any other sources that could trigger a false alarm. Time Warner offers a guarantee of not just user-friendly operation, but also reliability and accuracy.

With the home automation services offered by Time Warner, homeowners have total control over their home. They can view video feeds of what’s taking place, and they can control the thermostats, check the carbon dioxide monitors, turn interior and exterior lighting off and on, and read alert reports from anywhere around the world. The security system is connected both via Ethernet cable and wireless network, ensuring maximum reliability for home automation. Thanks to the multiple connections, it’s much less likely that your home security system will experience much downtime.


As with all of the Time Warner services, you can expect to pay a pretty penny for the home security and automation package. The installation fee starts at $199, but increases depending on the equipment to be installed. Homeowners pay $33.99/month more on their Time Warner bill, but the contract lasts for 18 months. Should the homeowner not have Time Warner as their internet/cable provider, they must contract it in order to receive the security system.

The Good

The home automation system is one of the most advanced on the market

The Bad

The cost of the service is added on top of an already pricey internet and cable TV bill

And The Ugly

Time Warner only offers home security service in select cities, though its availability is increasing every year

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Available Benefits

  • Wired Monitoring Systems
  • Wireless Monitoring Systems
  • Indoor/Outdoor Video Camera Surveillance
  • Home Automation
  • Infrared Motion Sensors
  • Remote Access
  • Smoke/CO2/Fire Detectors
  • Motion/Flood/Water Sensors

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