Three Reasons You Want a Monitored Home Security System

Home security systems are cheap today. You can walk into your local hardware store or big-box home improvement retailer and walk out with home security systems for less than a couple hundred dollars. That being said, the fact of the matter is that there is a large gap in terms of effectiveness between a do-it-yourself home security system and a monitored home security system. While the monitored option isn’t right for everyone, there are some scenarios in which you should think long and hard about going that route.

Here are three reasons why you should consider a monitored system:

  1. A monitored system guarantees a response. While you may be able to keep tabs on your home alarm system most of the time, there are incidents in which you’re not going to be available to do so. If your alarm system sends you a text while you’re on an airplane, it could be hours before you know that the alarm system went off. Even audible alarms won’t always attract the attention of neighbors or passers-by, at least not for the first few minutes. That first few minutes is all that a home invader needs to wreak all kinds of havoc.
  2. A monitored system is guaranteed. If for some reason your home security system fails, a monitored system usually comes with a guarantee. That guarantee typically covers more than just the valuables that were lost. Having this kind of system is an added layer of protection and insurance for your valuables.
  3. A monitored system is done right. While there are plenty of good do-it-yourself security systems out there on the market, the fact is that a professionally-installed system is going to cover bases that you might miss. These folks know, statistically, how home invaders tend to get in, and they know what works for keeping them out. They can accurately assess the risk level of your home and implement a system that matches that risk. When you do it by yourself, much of what you’re doing is guesswork.

If you can afford it, a monitored system is a more secure investment than an unmonitored system. It’s the only way to make sure your home is as protected as it can be. Make sure you think long and hard before you choose to go the unmonitored route, and understand the risks involved.

Posted on Monday, May 30th, 2011