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With so many people providing ADT home security systems, it can be hard for any individual company to stand out. But, with a $99 installation and monitoring for about $1/day, SafeStreetsUSA uses its pricing promotions to provide customers with equipment from one of the best security companies in the industry. Covering most states east of the Mississippi, SafeStreetsUSA also offers same day delivery to most of the areas it serves. With great equipment, great service and good prices, SafeStreetsUSA seems like a great company to offer you the products and services that can help you sleep at night.


SafeStreetsUSA brags of its partnership with ADT all over its website, and it’s easy to see why. For over a century, ADT has been helping to protect people’s homes with the best technology available. Using industry-leading keypads, your home will communicate with contact sensors strategically placed on doors and windows, as well as motion sensors, which can all help alert your system against intruders. You’ll also have a high-decibel interior siren, which can often frighten an intruder away from stealing your valuable possessions before any real damage is done.

Monitoring and response

One thing that SafeStreetsUSA prides itself on is its home installation services. While most home installation services tend to waste your time with large arrival windows, SafeStreetsUSA’s technicians give you a one-hour window. This installation costs only $99 with a 3-year membership to SafeStreetsUSA, which is less than many of competitors. Technicians will also work with you to ensure that you know how to utilize your home security, which can be just as important as making sure that the system is installed correctly.

Now that your system is installed, you’ll have access to great coverage provided by ADT, which means you’ll have someone looking out for your home and the things you love most 24 hours a day, every single day. With four individual monitoring centers, you’ll be able to receive quick responses to any event that occurs at your home, whether it’s a fire, flood, freeze or burglary that’s threatening you.

You can also take advantage of ADT Pulse, which offers convenient mobile access to your home security through any smartphone, tablet or computer. For instance, you can arm or disarm your system anywhere you go, letting in the people you trust while keeping out the people you don’t. This also entails convenient features like security camera and home automation features, which can make your house more comfortable and more secure.


Though SafeStreetsUSA offers some of the best services and equipment in the home security industry, its pricing leaves a little to be desired. To qualify for the $99 installation and about $1/day monitoring promotion, you have to sign a 3-year agreement, which costs $1,331.64 in total for monitoring. This is a huge commitment for first time customers to make. The $36.99 that this averages out to a month is very competitive, but is hard to justify with such a long-term commitment.

The Good…

Great service and home installation, even teaching you how to use your system

The Bad…

Not available in the western U.S.

And The Ugly

A 3-year subscription is a lot of money and a long commitment for most people

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Available Benefits

  • Digital Keypads
  • Contact Sensors
  • Motion Detectors
  • Surveillance Cameras
  • Home Automation Features
  • Backup Batteries
  • Interior Sirens
  • Keychain Remote Controls

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