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As one of the oldest security companies in the country–dating all the way back to 1852–Smith & Wesson knows a thing or two about keeping your home safe. The home security company offers a wide range of services around the Continental United States, providing homeowners with customized security systems starting at a very low price of $18.52. With authorized dealers around the country, it’s a security system worth considering.


Smith & Wesson uses a proprietary brand, owned and manufactured by the company. Compared to industry-leading brands like Honeywell and GE, the equipment is reliable and affordable. Designed to be easy to install–even on top of an existing security system–the wired and wireless systems will stay connected even when phone lines are down. The individual devices are made to be easily integrated into the Smith & Wesson systems. Customers that want an upgrade can simply install the new devices, which connect quickly to the central control panel.  All of the devices come with a battery backup, ensuring that homes are covered by around the clock protection. The company even offers home automation, providing homeowners with total control over their security systems.

Monitoring and Services

Due to its more than 150 years of experience, Smith & Wesson has established itself as one of the leading nationwide security companies. The company can be found in every state in the Continental U.S., ensuring that customers can receive personalized attention from their security company. For those looking to contract Smith & Wesson, the company website provides a very easy way to request a quote on the price of both the security systems and the monthly monitoring. With the home automation devices offered by Smith & Wesson, homeowners can rest easy in the knowledge that their homes are secured. With total control over temperature and lighting, the security systems allow for remote access. Homeowners are able to log onto their system from anywhere, and use the automation controls to program their home environment. Users can also remotely access their video surveillance feed, providing them with a way to monitor the goings-on in their home with ease. Smith & Wesson boasts about its monitoring services, and its website lists all of the training the monitoring personnel undergoes in order to ensure maximum professionalism. With above-average wages for their personnel, it’s no surprise that the company has an above-average response time to emergencies. 24-hour monitoring provided by courteous helpful staff makes your life easier.


Very little information is available on the Smith & Wesson website, requiring customers to call or email for pricing details. For the most basic home security system, monitoring costs start at $18.52/month, with the price increasing according to the comprehensiveness of their security systems.  The contracts last for 30 to 36 months, but they are fairly strict and binding.

The Good

  • One of the oldest home security companies in the nation, with a decent reputation.
  • With offices in nearly every major city in the country and multiple monitoring stations around the continental U.S., it’s a company that has an extensive reach.

The Bad

  • Smith & Wesson is not signed up with the BBB, which is always a bad sign for companies. There are few user reviews online, so it’s difficult to find information on the quality of their services.

The Bottom Line

  • Canceling a contract before the end of its term can lead to very high penalties.
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Available Benefits

  • Wired/Wireless Monitoring Systems
  • Video Cameras/Surveillance/Recording
  • Temperature/Window/Glass Break Sensors
  • Fire/Smoke/CO2/Water Detectors
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Home Automation
  • Remote Access/Control

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