SimpliSafe Security Review

One of the hallmarks of home security companies is that they require a big commitment. Typically, you’re required to sign a multi-year contract in order to get and install your system. Whenever a home security provider comes along that doesn’t require that kind of long-term investment, it’s worth taking a look to see how they stack up. is one of those companies.

Company Monitoring Services Available Benefits Pricing

  • Burglar Monitoring

  • Portable – Take it with you
  • Wireless Sensors up to 500 feet
  • No Contract
  • Remote Access
  • Email Alerts
Systems at $199.99+

SimpliSafe Quick Facts

Here are the basic specs you need to know about this system:

  • It’s a wireless system that uses sensors. The sensors can be place between 400 and 500 feet from the base station. Depending on the size and layout of your home, that distance could be greatly reduced, but the signal should cover most homes – especially if the base station is centrally-located.
  • The connection with the monitoring center is cellular-based. This means you don’t require an additional phone line, and SimpliSafe includes the cellular line and monitoring for a single $15/month charge.
  • This is a self-installed system. The sensors are pre-programmed from the factory, batteries are already installed, and even adhesive strips have been applied. Installation includes peeling and sticking the sensors where you want them.
  • The system supports up to 26 components. For most homes, that leaves you some room for expansion if you wish.
  • The system runs on batteries. This means that power outages won’t affect them; the batteries typically last around 5 years.

How SimpliSafe is used

SimpliSafe has a relatively simple and intuitive interface, consisting of a “home” and “away” button. When you’re home, the system still alerts you if a door is open for more than a brief period. The motion sensors shut off, however.

The system is also geared toward homes with pets, so that pets won’t set off your motion sensors and alert authorities while you’re away.

The monitoring service will alert authorities if your alarms are tripped and if they cannot contact you. There have been some consumer reports that suggest that there are times when SimpliSafe contacts authorities without contacting you first, however, which means you could face a municipal false alarm fee.

What it doesn’t have

There are some limitations to the SimpliSafe system. For example, it doesn’t have the option for cameras.  In addition, there may be some homes – especially those with large numbers of windows – where the sensor limitation might be a problem.


One of the most attractive elements to SimpliSafe is the cost. You buy the system, install it, and then you’re done. If you want the monitoring service, you pay $15 per month on a non-contract basis. You can cancel it at any time.

We also noticed that this system’s hardware was reasonably priced, coming in at about what you’d expect to pay for an off-the-shelf solution from your local home improvement store.

Is SimpliSafe right for you?

If you’re looking for a no-frills, low-cost monitored home security system, SimpliSafe is a good option. It offers reasonable protection at a very reasonable cost, and can give you and your family the peace of mind you need.

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Posted on Monday, March 26th, 2012