Setting the Valentine’s Day Mood with Your Home Security System

valentine's couple

People often see their home automated system solely as a tool to promote their safety, but it’s a powerhouse system capable of much more. While it can certainly help you lock doors and monitor surveillance cameras, it can also help you control plenty of other appliances just for your enjoyment.

This Valentine’s Day is the perfect example! If you have a special someone you’re trying to impress, here’s how your home automated system can help set the romantic mood.

Protect surprises

You may have ordered some flowers or a gift to be delivered for your partner. If the company didn’t offer specific drop-off times, you might need a way to ensure your partner isn’t there if his or her gift arrives early. Your motion sensor alarms can help you here. Set up notifications to your smart phone so you know the moment someone drops off a package on your front step. Then, call your neighbor and ask them to immediately run next door and collect the package. This way, your spouse won’t see it until Valentine’s Day.

Dim the lights and turn on the music

Many home automated systems allow you to remotely dim the lights from your smartphone. If your partner is going to be home a little earlier than you are on Valentine’s Day and you want to give them a romantic setting to walk into, you could try this. Get a notification on your smartphone when your partner is opening your front door. Then, dim the lights and turn their favorite romantic song on the surround sound system. You can send a sweet text along saying, “I’ll be home soon to enjoy the music with you!”

Monitor your kids

If you have children and couldn’t find a babysitter for Valentine’s Day evening (they all had romantic plans of their own!), you can keep an eye on your kids and still get alone time with your partner. Set your kids up with their favorite movie in one room, and monitor their activity through the live surveillance using your tablet in another room. You and your partner can drink wine by the fireplace while checking in on your kid’s activity and enjoying some privacy.

Schedule special lighting

It can be especially romantic if you and your partner are enjoying dinner on the patio by candlelight when suddenly, a gorgeous display of twinkle lights you set up earlier come on. You can use your home automated system to schedule the lights in advance.

Preheat the hot tub

If you’re planning a little Jacuzzi time on Valentine’s Day, you don’t want to run your hot tub all day just to have it warm when you get home at night. You also don’t want to wait the several hours it may take to heat up when you’re all ready to hop in. Use your home automated system to turn on your Jacuzzi remotely, so you don’t waste power heating it all day, but it’s ready just when you’re done with dinner.

Prepare appliances

Chocolate soufflés are the perfect Valentine’s Day dessert, but they also take a long time to make, and they cannot be pre-made. They’re the best when they’re fresh from the oven. If you plan on making these, or a similar finicky recipe, you can use your smartphone to pre-heat your oven remotely so you can put your baked goods in there the second you get home, and move on to eating the dinner you pre-made.

Everybody could use a little extra help making Valentine’s Day special. Luckily, technology can be romantic when you least expect it.



Posted on Monday, February 12th, 2018