Security Gifts to Give This Holiday Season


This holiday season, give the gift of security. Some people say the feeling of safety is priceless, but you can spend a little money to help somebody get it. Home security gifts can help someone protect all of the other presents they’ll get this month. Personal security items will help them safely go from holiday party to holiday party. Here are great security gifts to give this holiday season.

Bluetooth enabled lights

If you already have the motion sensor lights on your property, you’re off to a great start. But Bluetooth enabled lights—otherwise known as smart lights—let you turn your lights on and off, or dim them, any time you want, anywhere you are, from your smartphone. If you’re worried about burglars vetting your property and determining your daily patterns, a smart light allows you to make it look as if you’re always home. Burglars will think, “There must be somebody home because somebody is turning the lights on and off at odd times.”

Key Hiders

If you are just looking for some affordable party favors you can buy in bulk, consider key hiders. There are several available, including those that look like the tops of sprinklers, or rocks and more. These offer a great alternative to leaving a spare key under a doormat. Only the owner, and the people they inform will know exactly which sprinkler head contains the key—or that there is a key in a sprinkler head at all.

Portable door locks

These make another wonderful party favor. Typically in the $20 range, these locks are ideal for someone who often travels, and doesn’t think their motel room door lock is secure enough. Most models work on any hinged door that opens inwards.

Video doorbells

In the past, if somebody knocked on your door, and you didn’t answer, they could pretty accurately guess that you were not home. It’s one of the oldest ways burglars have been vetting homes for centuries; they just knock on the door or ring the bell. If somebody answers, they pretend they had the wrong address. If nobody answers, they know they can break in. With a video doorbell, you can pretend you are home, even when you’re not. These go right where a regular doorbell could, but include two-way voice capabilities and a camera. When you’re out and about, and somebody rings your doorbell, the video doorbell connects to your smartphone. You can see who is there, and speak to them, making them believe you are in the house, just speaking through an intercom.

Wine bottle fire extinguisher

They’re real; they are fire extinguishers, capable of all the same things any standard model can do and just as effective, but they look like wine bottles. If you have a friend or family member who won’t keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen because they don’t like the intrusive appearance, get them this stealth alternative.

A door stopper alarm

If you or somebody you know worries that their current front door locks are not strong enough, or they fear somebody stole their spare key, they can add extra security with one of these door stoppers. Simply wedge them beneath a door, and they stop someone from pushing the door open. But they also sound an alarm when someone attempts to open the door.

A tactical whistle

This is no standard whistle. Tactical whistlers are military-grade, and the sound they create actually gets louder the further distance it travels. It can surpass sound barriers too, like traffic or wind. This is a wonderful gift for the outdoor enthusiast in your life who may get himself lost in the wilderness or a friend who walks home from work at night.

While security gifts may not be trendy or fancy, they certainly show that you care about the recipient.

Posted on Wednesday, November 30th, 2016