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As an authorized ADT dealer, Security Choice provides homeowners in South Carolina access to one of the country’s top-rated security companies. However, seeing as Security Choice is a small, local business, it offers clients personalized attention that the juggernaut ADT simply cannot. Starting at $36.99/month, its services are reliable and affordable. While it may not be the top-rated company in the region, it is known for being a good company to consider.


ADT primarily uses Honeywell equipment. The brand is known for being reliable and highly cost-effective, so homeowners can trust that they are getting quality equipment for their home security. The basic packages offered by Security Choice include wired monitoring systems, with cellular/wireless systems costing extra. The equipment is connected to the ADT monitoring station, which has a network spanning the entire country. The downside to this could be that monitoring isn’t as reliable given the high volume of homes ADT services.

Monitoring and Services

Security Choice is, in essence, a company that sells ADT equipment and services. It doesn’t provide its own security systems and doesn’t handle the monitoring. Security One’s focus is to find new clients to sign up for the ADT network and walk them through the process of choosing the right security system. Once the contract has been signed, the company passes the client off to the ADT technicians to do the installation, activation, and monitoring of the home security systems.

The basic ADT system promoted by Security Choice comes with a digital keypad, 3 door and window sensors, an infrared motion sensor, a remote access key fob, an alarm, a backup battery, and the ADT signs and decals. Security Choice also provides two-way voice capability, which allows homeowners to contact the ADT monitoring station in case of an emergency.

The CellGuard feature offered by ADT allows homeowners to arm and disarm their security systems from anywhere around the world, but the service increases the monthly fee significantly. The company also offers web-based access for PC’s and tablets, as well as mobile SMS-based access for smart phones. Paying the higher monthly premium provides access to the email and text notification system, as well as a log tracking the event history. No video cameras or home automation systems are available through ADT.


ADT claims that its basic security system costs just over $9/week, or $36.99/month. However, for added security features, the cost rises to $44.99/month or even as high as $52.99/month. The installation fee starts at $99, but goes up to $199 for the more advanced systems. Upon signing the ADT contract through Security Choice, homeowners are provided with a free home security system (valued at $850). The only cost is the $99 to $199 installation fee.

The Good

Security Choice offers new customers a $100 Visa Reward Card upon signing a contract

Backed by nationwide powerhouse ADT Security

The Bad

Being connected to the ADT monitoring station might mean that customer services takes longer

And The Ugly

While Security Choice has an excellent reputation with the BBB, ADT in the region has a very, very poor rating

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Available Benefits

  • Wired Monitoring Systems
  • Wireless Monitoring Systems
  • Digital/Touch-Screen Keypads
  • Keychain Remote Access Controls
  • Infrared Motion Detectors
  • Alarms/Sirens
  • Battery Backups
  • Remote Access/Control

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