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Safe Systems offers home and business security starting at $40/month. Considering that it’s a fairly local Colorado company, the cost of the service is pricey. However, Safe Systems promises to deliver only high quality security services, including around-the-clock monitoring, local employees, responsive customer service, and customized systems. The company promises customer satisfaction, and you may find that its services will be worth the higher price.


Safe Systems offers 2GIG home security systems, which are top-of-the -line when it comes to providing home security. The equipment is fairly reliable, but the fact that 2GIG is not as notable of a name brand as Honeywell makes some consumers question its quality.

Upon contracting the Safe Systems services, a 4G control panel is installed in the home. This allows users to log into their control panel from their smart phones no matter where they are, making for easy remote access. In addition to the control panel, 3 door and window sensors are installed, along with a motion detector. A single key fob accompanies the monitoring package.

Monitoring and Services

Safe Systems offers 24-hour monitoring, and all of its surveillance systems are connected to its “Five Diamond Certificate” award-winning central monitoring systems. Not only is Safe Systems known to have reliable protection, but its response time is above average for home and commercial security companies.

For companies interested in security services, Safe Systems offers a wide range of protection. Fire and burglar alarm systems protect company offices, while wireless business monitoring allows company executives to connect remotely to the surveillance system in the office. The Videofied motion detection cameras provided by Safe Systems ensure more accurate surveillance, while the access control systems provide a safe, keyless method of entry for your employees.

Safe Systems’ forte is home protection, and they offer far more options for residential protection. Alarm systems and remote access services provide homeowners with a sense of security even when they are away from their houses, while environmental monitoring and fire alarms offer protection from accidents and leaks. The Home Automation services allow users to connect to and control the security systems remotely via laptop, smart phone, or tablet. All of the video surveillance systems are connected to the central monitoring station, where there are security professionals watching your home around the clock.


Those considering contracting Safe Systems can expect upfront costs to range between $100 and $250, and the monthly service cost starts at $40/month. The prices are a bit high, but that could have something to do with the fact that Safe Systems only monitors homes local to the Front Range region. Safe Systems serve about 10,000 homes, which means it can pay better attention to those few homes.

The Good…

With a smaller, local company, Safe Systems may place greater priority on keeping homes safe

The Bad…

The company only operates in the Front Range area

And The Ugly

The cost of the 2GIG systems is a bit steep

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Available Benefits

  • Wireless Home Security Systems
  • 24-Hour Monitoring
  • Alarm Systems
  • Remote Services
  • Video Systems
  • Access Control Services
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Home Automation

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