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Over the past 50+ years, Safeguard has become the largest family-owned home security provider in Arizona. With advanced features like video surveillance and remote home management, you’ll feel like you’re receiving service from a nationwide company, yet benefit from the individualized attention you receive from local services. For instance, Safeguard offers its own private patrol officers to respond to your alarms and secure your home, depending on your location. With specialized attention like that, Safeguard can really put itself ahead of the pack to bring you the sense of security and comfort you’ve been looking for.


Though Safeguard clearly focuses on its monitoring services, they do seem to have some impressive equipment options to help you feel a little more secure. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t make much mention of the exact equipment available, making it hard to know just what you’ll get with your home security system. Still, it’s apparent that the company offers standard features like door and window sensors, key chain remotes and smoke detectors. You’ll also have access to more advanced features, like mobile apps, surveillance cameras and energy management equipment.

Monitoring and response

As mentioned above, the most unique service offered by Safeguard is a private fleet of vigilant security guards, trained to respond to your crises at a moment’s notice. While most home security companies have to wait for a response to take action, Safeguard could be dispatching one of it professionals at the first sign of an intrusion to investigate. No matter what’s going on, you’ll have someone at the scene to protect your home and the people you care about. It’s hard to put a price on response services like that, and the sense of security it can bring you.

When it comes to standard monitoring, you’ll find an impressive level of professionalism and dedication there as well. Watching over your home 24/7, you’ll receive service from Safeguard’s privately owned and operated UL-listed monitoring center. You’ll also have cellular monitoring, which typically provides a better chance of connecting with your monitoring center. These little touches help the company live up its motto: “Safeguard is with you.”

Of course, if you prefer to feel in control of your home security system through every step of the process, Safeguard has some intriguing features to help you feel safe. For starters, you can access your security wherever you go, using a convenient mobile app to arm or disarm your security system. You’ll also have access to energy management and video surveillance features, which altogether can help you keep an eye on your security, your comfort and your energy bill simultaneously.


On its landing page, Safeguard boldly promotes $1/day monitoring, which works out to about $30/month. This is pretty low cost for a trusted name like Safeguard, although it doesn’t clarify exactly what services you can expect to receive with this service. Usually, most companies charge more for home automation and surveillance camera features, and Safeguard probably isn’t any different. Safeguard also doesn’t list equipment costs, which can make it hard to estimate the total cost of your system.

The Good…

Privately operated security guard service can help protect your home

The Bad…

Doesn’t show you what equipment you can expect to receive

And The Ugly

Equipment pricing isn’t listed on website, making it hard to know what you’ll pay

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Available Benefits

  • Control Panels
  • Door/window Sensors
  • Surveillance Cameras
  • Keychain Remote Controls
  • Motion Sensors
  • Patrol Officers
  • Medical Alert Pendants

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