Robotic Webcams-A Look at Home Security Systems on the Move

The Rovio Wi Fi Robot is the ultimate in webcam technology.  It’s the finest in home security systems gadgetry.  This little invention is like a mars rover moving throughout your house, keeping a close eye on everything in your home.  Rovio is a wi-fi enabled robotic home security webcam that can move in all directions and can be controlled using a remote or from an accelerometer on an iPhone.   Rovio has an iPhone application that can assist in getting you all set up as well.  You can view and interact with the webcam robot through its streaming video capabilities.

Whether you choose the Rovio to watch over your house while on vacation or just check up on your family, it’s the perfect solution to cover multiple rooms with just one webcam camera.  This smart little camera can be navigated cleverly around corners with the click of a button.  It has three major wheels with ten smaller wheels located within each wheel. Even though the main body of the Roxio stays stationary when advancing forward, the small wheels rotate inside. Northstar Navigation software makes features like this possible and your mini-GPS webcam even know’s where it is.  It can locate the position of different objects in the room and can navigate the room in and around them.

You can move Rovio’s neck mounted camera or just navigate him around. Audio adjustment is easy and can be control directly from the internet.  The Rovio robot was created by the same people who introduced the Robosapien and runs on battery power. To ensure that your Rovio never runs out of battery life, all you have to do is direct it back to the docking station for charging.  It even has a self docking feature that knows when the battery needs powered.

If you have a particularly naughty pet who likes to wreak havoc while you’re at work, this would definitely come in handy.  Monitor fido while he’s in the act of shredding your shoes or peeing on your carpet.  The Rovio is compatible with Windows XP or Vista operating systems Internet Explorer is required for two way audio features.  The Rovio retails for around $235.00 and comes with the latest firmware updates and user manual. Once connected and setup, the Rovio web interface lets you control the action from the comfort of your living room or hotel room.  Wherever you are, it’s a cool novelty device to have around in addition to home security systems.

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Posted on Monday, September 27th, 2010