Review of Logitech Indoor Add-on Security Camera

If you like to keep a watchful eye on your home or business, but don’t want to use expensive or difficult IP hard to configure webcams; you might want to consider the WiLife System Indoor Security Add-on camera from Logitech.  If you already have this home security system or decide to purchase the master kit, you can add on as many as 6 cameras total.  The Logitech indoor camera is considered their basic camera, but it’s far from basic as it offers some great features over other indoor cameras. (See More Surveillance Products)

Logitech has simplified the installation process for home security.  This particular camera takes around 10 minutes to set up.  Instead of operating off of a Wifi cable or Ethernet connection, the Logitech simply powers off of your electrical outlets inside your home.  It can’t get any simpler than that as far as homeowner security or small business monitoring.

This camera transmits all the video through its tiny wireless outlet box and communicates with your computer, so no network configuration is required.   You don’t have to setup any open ports on your router and there’s no confusing setup instructions to follow.  You can just plug it in and go!  Keep in mind that you have to have the master system from Logitech already installed for this to work properly.  If you already have this master system, there are 3 add-on security cameras to choose from.  The nice thing about Logitech is that they give you options. There is also an outdoor version which is sealed to prevent water seepage and they also have a spy version which is hidden inside of a regular alarm clock.  All of the cameras connect using the plug in system and offer different mounting options as well.

Logitech also provides the hardware and software with the add-on camera and this comes with a WiLife online account.  Securing this account will let you view your cameras remotely and all you to check up on live video feeds.  You can login with a username and password from any internet location to check camera viewing.  The bonus software allows you the recording features to record any important video feeds you want to keep on file.  It records straight to your hard drive on your computer.  If that isn’t enough, the software allows you to select scheduled recordings.  You can also set the software to start recording only when the camera senses a motion disturbance.  Playback tools and search tools are also included to make video playback review a breeze.

The motion detection footage feature can send an e-mail or text message to you the homeowner whenever a disturbance is picked up, so you will know when to check your cameras playback footage.

If you want a cheaper and simpler home security system that allows for extra options, Logitech can come through for you. The indoor camera retails for around $184.00 and you can purchase Logitech at retailers such as Amazon, Tiger Direct, Comp USA or Misco.

Photo via Laurie Pink

Posted on Friday, July 23rd, 2010