Q-See Surveillance Review

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Q-See surveillance may seem expensive, but the cameras and the DVR device are exceptional home security tools.

Although their name is relatively new with the home security industry, Q-See produces high quality camera and video equipment. The company specializes in producing devices with digital video recording capabilities, also known as DVR.

Q-See  Pricing

Although their system uses cameras to watch over the house, the system is actually much more reasonably priced than other surveillance systems. Each individual camera costs about $49 and the DVR recording device costs about $140. However, the company also sells packages with both the cameras and the DVR. Each package differs in value, depending on the type of DVR and the number of cameras. People may want to shop around before choosing a Q-See surveillance package.

Installation & Hardware

The most difficult part of the installation process involves connecting all the wires on the ceiling to reach the overhead cameras. The wires have to run from the cameras to the monitoring station. Owners may need to tape the wires on the ceiling, so that nothing obstructs the doors or the walkways.

In most cases, the cameras function properly. Most of the consumers have not complained as often about the systems as they did years ago. Consumers often have the biggest problem choosing the proper DVR device. Some of the machines don’t come with a pre-installed hard drive to save recorded video footage. Other machines are only capable of displaying four channels of camera video at once. Thus, people should try to find a DVR that comes with a hard drive and can support at least eight camera channels simultaneously.


The DVR and the cameras have plenty of special functions that help to capture any action on the screen. The 352×240 resolution allows people to see all the color camera footage with reasonably clear video. It isn’t the best resolution, but it should look fine as long as people use about a 19 inch monitor. The cameras can also switch to night vision, so that viewers can see anything that happens at night.

The recorder also comes with a data storage function known as h.264 compression. This is a common form of data compression that reduces the amount of space that the video takes up on the hard drive. The duration of the footage depends on the amount of space available on the hard drive, so be sure that the hard drive has plenty of free space.

Streaming Video

The devices also come with the ability to stream video over the Internet. Of course, people might not want to show footage of their house to the public, so they may want to leave this function turned off. It can also stream video on a mobile device, but keep in mind that the technology still isn’t at a high enough quality to work without lagging every time.

Movement Sensors

The cameras also come with an alarm sensor trigger to automatically start recording when it detects movement. Unfortunately, the automatic sensor isn’t reliable. It doesn’t always start recording when something is moving. If people really want to record any action, they might have to leave the DVR recorder on.

Keep in mind that their customer service isn’t very friendly either. Then again, there aren’t many reliable customer service lines for security companies in the first place. Thus, people may want to stay wary of any firmware updates that Q-See releases. If many people complain about the newest updates, consumers shouldn’t update the firmware until a better updates is available.

Overall, the Q-See is a very well-developed surveillance system for a lower price than people would expect. Although their machines carried a bad reputation in the past, the new DVR devices and cameras are a bigger bargain than the average person would expect.

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Posted on Friday, September 30th, 2011