Protect America Review

Protect America offers impressive security features to help protect you, your family and the life you’ve worked so hard to build. Whereas most security providers make it a point to tie down customers with high monthly fees, Protect America offers a sweet introductory offer with its Copper plan, which starts at only $19.99/mo. The company also designs customized security systems for your home, which means you only receive the services you need to help you sleep soundly at night, knowing that your home is being monitored for all kinds of hazards. Giving you convenient access and control functions wherever you go via remote access and home automation technology, Protect America could easily be your best bet for adding a modern touch to home safety.
With industry-leading technology, like the Simon XT Touch Screen control pad, it’s clear that Protect America is working hard to bring you the best solutions in home security. The console’s easy touchscreen interface allows you to swiftly access your entire security system as soon as you walk through the door. The traditional offerings, like door/window sensors and motion detectors, can also protect more areas around your house from intruders. Smoke detectors and medical panic buttons can aid if you have an emergency other than an intrusion, which can help you feel safe no matter what the situation – especially if you have an elderly person living with you.
Moniotring and Services
Unlike some companies that only offer you one option for your entire home monitoring service, Protect America wants to give its customers as much control over their lives as possible. For that reason, the company offers 3 different monitoring choices depending on your particular needs. Protect America offers wireless, high-speed internet or landline options, giving you the same great service no matter which one you choose
You’ll also have a better chance of your distress signal being heard, thanks to back-up coverage from Protect America’s three monitoring centers. In brief, the signal is sent to all three monitoring centers, so that if it doesn’t reach one, it’s sure to reach the other two. This type of coverage, called redundant monitoring, can be pivotal in helping you feel secure and protected in your own home.
Protect America also offers convenient home access features, which can be really empowering in a world of uncertainty. Using any computer’s browser window or using the SMART Connect mobile app, you’ll be able to arm and disarm your system wherever you go. Add the Z-Wave automation feature in conjunction with the mobile app, and now you have a true “Smart” home – allowing you to lock your door in case you forget while rushing out the door for work, for example. You can also utilize surveillance cameras, which can provide the confidence of seeing that your home is safe and secure with your own two eyes.
No matter what your security needs are, Protect America seems to have the reasonable prices to accommodate you. For starters, the company offers its Copper security package for only $19.99/mo, which includes a Simone XT panel, 3 door/window sensors and a motion detector. Of course, you can always upgrade your services if you find that you need more coverage. Other plans include:
  • Bronze: $35.99/mo. Includes 1 Simon XT panel, 6 door/window sensors, 1 motion detector.
  • Silver: $37.99/mo. Includes 1 Simon XT panel, 9 door/window sensors, 1 motion detector
  • Gold: $39.99/mo. Includes 1 Simon XT panel, 11dor/window sensors, 1 motion detector
  • Platinum: $42.99/mo. Includes 1 Simon XT panel, 14 door/window sensors, 1 motion detector
The Good
  • Redundant monitoring ensures your signal always reaches a monitoring center, no matter what.
  • The ability to customize your package prevents you from spending more money than necessary
The Bad
  • The home automation feature isn’t included in all packages.
The Ugly
  • None
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Available Benefits
  • Touchscreen Consoles
  • Home Automation Technology
  • Door/Window Sensors
  • Video Cameras
  • Mobile Accessibility
  • Motion Detectors
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Medical Pendants
Monitoring Services
  • Police, Fire and Medical Response
  • HomePulse Broadband Monitoring
  • Standard Landline Monitoring
  • Two-Way Voice Monitoring
  • Real-time GPS vehicle tracking