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Many homeowners might look to local security providers in favor of more personalized support and solutions that don’t include the bells and whistles many national providers tack-on. However, Protect America is one national home security company that nullifies the misconception that local companies do more to meet customers’ needs. With a prolific 20 years of industry know-how, a specialized product line and flexible monitoring infrastructure, Protect America could be your best bet if you’re looking to maximize your options while keeping money in your pocket. To give our readers more on this notion, we recently caught up with a few Protect America representatives and dug deeper into what the brand has to offer. Check out our exclusive interview below.


To begin, why don’t you give us an overview of the company, such as how long it’s been in business and the security services offered. Most importantly, what makes the experience of securing one’s home with Protect America so unique?

Protect America was founded with the belief that quality home security should be affordable and available to everyone. Since its founding in 1992, the company has secured nearly half a million homes in all 50 states and Canada. Protect America stays true to those beliefs all these years later and offers home security technology for the most competitive prices in the industry. Securing your home with Protect America is a collaborative process. No one knows your home better than you, so we diligently train our security experts to listen and ask questions before ever making a recommendation. We also have designed our equipment packages to be ultra-flexible. We work with our customers to swap and add devices to perfectly fit their homes.

One thing that stands out on the Protect America website is that your packages come with free equipment and no installation fee. Talk a bit more about how the company makes this possible and why it’s of benefit to customers.

Our commitment to affordable home protection extends down to our security packages. Free equipment with all packages helps mitigate costs for homeowners who would otherwise be stuck with hundreds of dollars in charges before their home is even secured.

Also worth noting — security technology has evolved! The days of complicated equipment and invasive, hardwired systems are gone. Wireless technology allows homeowners to literally place a few micro sensors on a window to secure it. Since it’s so easy to set up, we don’t think it right to charge homeowners hundreds of dollars to do something they can do within minutes. Our customers overwhelmingly choose to install wireless devices themselves, but we make sure to guide them through the process over the phone and make sure we’re available if they have any questions. That is how our customers save a considerable amount of money versus the installation fees of other companies.

Speaking of your service packages, take us through some of the options available to homeowners. How does Protect America take into consideration the unique needs of existing and potential customers with these packages?

When designing our packages, we thought long and hard about what makes the perfect solution for different kinds of homes. Our conclusion? Many homes have a different number of potential entry points. By this I mean any windows or doors that someone could use to gain entry to the home. Smaller homes usually have fewer entry points than a larger home or maybe a medium-sized home with plenty of windows and natural light. That is the basic first step.

We formed our options around the number of entry points, so every package secures a larger number of zones. The Copper package (starting at $19.99 per month) is for small homes and condos. It covers three entry points and the interior of a common area with motion detection. From there, each package includes more perimeter protection with added entry points, and each one includes a motion detector that senses heat and movement in a 45 degree arc. We always stress that flexibility is what makes these solutions work, and our security experts are able to help customize and tailor these solutions to fit your home and family.

With that said, what’s Protect America’s secret to offering high quality services while still managing to keep money in your customers’ pockets?

Our founders did not believe security is a luxury. It’s something we all deserve. We’ve been able to grow into a successful business because we’re not just an organization. The moment we step out of the office we are your neighbors, friends and fellow homeowners who share your same concerns. We train our staff to realize that every family we protect has placed their safety in our hands. It is with that understanding that we maintain an affordable product line, professional staff and a customer base that can protect their homes without breaking the bank.

It seems people are busier than ever, which requires homeowners to protect their valuables even when away for a weekend or traveling abroad. How does Protect America ensure its customers this type of coverage?

A recent Bureau of Labor Statistics report says that said the average person spends roughly nine hours per day working or away from home. Add traveling, leisurely activities and a whole slew of other reasons we’re pulled away from the house and you’ve got a good case that we are busier and more absent from home than ever before. Luckily, technology allows us to connect to our homes no matter where we are. Protect America security systems link to smartphones with our free app – allowing them to view live camera footage, arm and disarm the system and much more. The system can also send mobile alerts to smartphones, keeping users more in-the-know and able to quickly respond during a potential emergency.

In addition to burglary alarm monitoring, what other monitoring services does Protect America offer to protect homeowners against various other hazards?

Home safety really does extend beyond burglary. Hazards like fire, carbon monoxide and even freeze or flood can be protected against with wireless technology. Not only do these devices interact with your security system for full connectivity, they are also monitored by professionals. So take our smoke detectors, for instance. If they detect flames or smoke, a signal is sent to a monitoring station but can also be sent directly to your smartphone. It’s a dual monitoring approach that ensures everyone is aware of a problem.

What if someone wanted to take advantage of all that Protect America has to offer, but is already tied down to another provider? Is there any way to accommodate these potential customers?

Some homeowners might find their existing security systems unsatisfactory. That’s why we make switching to Protect America easy by offering “cellular takeover technology”! This small device plugs in to a variety of security systems and sends signals to one of our professional monitoring centers. I recommend asking a knowledgeable Protect America security expert about your previous system and how cellular takeover technology can work for you!

Let’s talk a bit more about your monitoring services. Provide some detail on your monitoring centers, such as how many there are, where they are located, and whether there is 24/7 coverage.

Our monitoring stations are UL® Listed. UL (Underwriters Laboratories) is a safety certification company and Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory approved by OSHA. UL provides safety-related certification and sets the standard for monitoring stations across the country.

We offer a variety of connections to our monitoring centers including landline, broadband (internet) and cellular. A Landline connection is made though physical telephone wires traditionally used for home phones. Our Broadband option uses your existing internet connection to communicate with the monitoring center. Lastly, the Cellular monitoring connection communicates with monitoring facilities via satellite. Protect America’s home security monitoring is active 24/7 and ready to spring into action the moment an emergency is detected. Professionals use a tried-and-true process of response and verification during an alarm signal and quickly contact the authorities when it is determined that police or fire department help is required.

What type of layered protection does Protect America offer against tampering of equipment or any other hazards that could potentially compromise a customer’s security?

For us, protection doesn’t end at doors or windows. Perimeter defense is important, but we usually recommend layering home security to include some interior coverage as well. This includes motion detection technology, hidden panic buttons and more. Our security systems are designed to accept a variety of different codes programmed by the homeowner and can even alert the authorities with a silent alarm when the homeowner’s unique “duress code” is used. This is a safety measure that protects users if someone should force them to disarm the system.

Beyond burglary, our wireless technology can protect homes from a variety of disasters like frozen pipes bursting and causing expensive flood damage. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors sense hazardous situations and spring into action – sounding an alarm while alerting the monitoring facility. All of these devices work together to form a web of safety around the home and to give everyone more peace of mind.

Finally, what can new and existing customers expect from Protect America moving forward? Are there any new technologies and/or products in the works?

Our technology department is constantly testing and evaluating new options for our customers. Every home we protect deserves the very best devices and solutions the industry has to offer. Our goal is to create quality, affordable solutions that protect people and make life easier.

I would suggest you look into our home automation offerings, which we’re quite proud of. The free Protect America “SMART Connect” app helps customers control products like our digital door locks, lights and appliances – all on their phones. These technologies add a layer of convenience and pleasant experience to home life like never before.

Posted on Tuesday, October 28th, 2014