Plants as Natural Barriers

Plants are too often overlooked as a positive security measure to take when tricking out a new or existing home for security and amenities and aesthetics in general. Rose bushes, black berry bushes and poison ivy can all be used in tandem outside windows to create a natural barrier to fend off no-gooders. Anything with thorns really is good and the poison ivy can be added just to make them really regret trying to break into your home so they don’t think about trying again. A poison ivy itch is worse than thorns really – thorns you can pull out but the poison ivy itch is a gift that keeps on giving for a day or so of irritating, scratchy pain.

Best Places for “Security Plants”

Plant the bushes right up against the wall, so that no one can have space to sneak behind it.  Also always trim off the portion from about knee height down, so that you can see if someone tries to hide behind a bush in wait to attack or rape the next coming person. Be sure to water regularly, or ideally, set up an automatic drip line off of your existing sprinkler system configuration so that the plants receive water at regular intervals and don’t dry out and die. Dead plants don’t do much to fend off bad elements, so you don’t want that.

Live Fences

Pending your city and state laws allow for it, you can even go for a barrier plant around your back yard in lieu of a traditional fence. It makes for a stylish look and if kept around 12-16 inches of thorny thickness deep and eight feet high it provides one heck of a barrier for someone to try and climb through. And if you opt for black berry bushes you can have a healthy additive for cereal, smoothies, ice cream, jams, jellies, juice and even wine.

Caring for an Organic Security System

I suggest using only organic additives if you do need to supplement a desert like or otherwise poor soil situation. With a little research on the web you can learn to use stuff you already have around the host for the most part. And if there seem to be no worms around, you can always go buy some at a fishing or farming store or nursery. They are cheap and provide aeration and food for the plants on a consistent basis.

If you take care of your plants they can take care of you and your family for a long time and are a lot better looking than bars on windows and the like that some more utilitarian people tend to opt for. Not to mention plants are a lot cheaper out of pocket  than paying for metal bars to be added to your house and painted the color to match. Well cared for plants are beautiful, tasteful and add nice fragrances to your home and yard while protecting you and your family at the same time.

Photo via peasap

Posted on Monday, June 7th, 2010