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Homeowners searching for total home automation and customized control over their home security system have found Piper to be a unique proposition. Less than a month was required for Piper to receive its funding via Kickstarter, a crowdfunding platform. Americans around the country found that the product delivered home security for the modern era, and its versatility and flexibility has made it one of the top-selling online security systems.


Piper is more than just a company–it’s a brand that promises high quality security with user convenience as its watchword. The equipment is very simple and user-friendly, and yet the Piper devices provide excellent monitoring services. Made to be connected to Z-wave devices, the Piper security system supports multiple cameras and sensors in the same user account. The security system uses video cameras connected to an HD Video stream, offering homeowners startling clarity for their video feed. With a 10X zoom and excellent panning abilities, the video cameras provide versatile monitoring with fewer devices. Cloud-based storage ensures that videos can be stored for later playback. The sensors are integrated into the video cameras, reducing the number of devices installed around the house.

Monitoring and Services

What makes Piper unique is the fact that all of the various home security devices needed to monitor your home are combined into one sleek, elegant device. The Piper is not just a camera, but it also contains a siren, a motion detector, and environmental sensors. For homeowners who want a minimalist home security system, this is an ideal device that can make life a whole lot easier. The video camera is made to the highest HD standard, with 1080p video that streams with clarity and excellent resolution. The lens can see a full 180-degrees, panning and zooming as the homeowner desires. Video footage is stored on cloud-based storage, where users can access it remotely via their smartphone. The mobile phone app is compatible with all iOS and Android devices, ensuring maximum flexibility and access control. Homeowners can access the smartphone app from anywhere around the world, provided they have internet access. Z-wave sensors connect the Piper monitoring system to the home wireless network, but there is no port for Ethernet (landline) connectivity.  Users receive updates and alerts from the security system via the mobile phone app. The app is also designed to be easy to use, with a sleek, elegant interface. It is easy to log on to watch the videos, but there is no way to download the footage. There is only sufficient cloud storage space to store about 7 hours of video.


Compared to most home security systems, Piper’s one-time fee of $239 makes this security system highly affordable. Users get instant access to the mobile app upon purchasing the system.

The Good…

  • The mobile phone app makes it easy for users to have total control over their security system, with remote access to both the video camera and the cloud-based video footage storage.
  • Piper comes with more than just a video camera, but all the monitors, environmental sensors, and sirens are incorporated into a single user-friendly device.

The Bad…

  • The all-in-one video camera does not come with monitoring services, forcing homeowners to do their own surveillance and video monitoring. The video feed is also not available to download.

And The Ugly

  • The cameras do not include night-vision, thereby rendering the monitoring system fairly useless if the house is fully dark.
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Available Benefits

  • Wireless Monitoring Systems
  • Video Cameras/Surveillance
  • Cloud-Based Data Storage
  • Motion Detectors
  • Remote Access/Control
  • Sirens

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