Phone Modules to Control Your Security System

The latest buzz about home security systems is happening right in your pocket. Just as easy as it is to reach in for your phone and dial your colleague, now you can pick up your cell phone to control your home security system. It doesn’t matter where you are, in what building or how far out of the country you’ve traveled. The convenient cell phone control feature allows you to simultaneously stay mobile and guard your house, mobilize your alarm, illuminate and dim rooms, and even disarm the burglar alarm as desired.

We know that one of the best features of any security system you can have is that security company will call you when something sets off the motion detector installed in specific areas of your home. It’s always better to know what’s happening at your home when you’re away. A company like X10 Security Systems ( will immediately notify you of anything gone wrong. However, many companies are going even further to give you maximum control of your security system so you know that your home is always safe. Burglars won’t be tempted to check out your home because you seem absent, because you don’t have to seem absent. ADT promises its customers a digital phone interface and voice module for that extra piece of protection. A digital phone interface is a system that translates your voice messages into commands that reset your system. A phone module will also allow you to access your home security features via the touch-buttons on your phone. Press a number to give functionality to a laser sensor that you forgot to activate before leaving your home.

The Ademco Phone Module is a mobile security device that works with your phone and with your busy travel schedule. It not only comes with a warranty that extends one year, but you are given free technical support for a lifetime. A key feature of the Ademco phone model is that it is programmed with an extensive vocabulary and will fully understand your commands through the phone. Air conditioning and house hold technologies can be deactivated or activated from the comfort of your hotel room.  A similar module is Concord Phone Interface and Voice Module. The money-back guarantee is another good reason to give this security device a chance. If you are a wordsmith of a device, its hundreds-of-word vocabulary will not mistake what you meant to say.

If you travel frequently, you do not have to attend your business or vacation trip while carrying a nagging sensation. Carry a cellular device instead, as you already likely do, and your home can be protected with a simple 1-2-3 punch.

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Posted on Wednesday, September 15th, 2010