Pan-Tilt-Zoom Home Security Cameras

Home security cameras come in many varieties, but one thing that’s common in the vast majority of them is that they don’t move. You install them in one spot and, while you can reach up and readjust the angle, they’re not going to regularly move around.

In fact, cameras that move around are traditionally more the purview of commercial security than they are of residential home security systems. However, there is a trend now among home security system manufacturers to offer Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras – sometimes known as PTZ home security cameras.

How PTZ cameras boost your home security system

What’s the advantage of a PTZ home security camera? They’re the most flexible (and, of course, the most expensive) home security cameras on the market. They have three features that let you do more with your camera than what you could do with a standard camera:

  • Pan. Pan allows the home security camera to move back and forth from left to right.
  • Tilt. This tilts the camera up and down.
  • Zoom. Zoom allows the home security camera to focus directly and more intently on one area.

How do PTZ cameras work?

There are a number of different ways that PTZ cameras can be operated for home security, including:

  • Pre-programmed scans. The advantage to a pre-programmed scan is that you can cover a much wider area with a single camera. This is often ideal for an outdoors setting where you want to be able to capture video of a large area and don’t want to have to install many cameras.
  • Manual operation. You can also set your PTZ camera to respond to specific commands from your security system. You create a default setting so that the camera faces in the most-often needed direction. When you want to look elsewhere, though, you send commands to the system. This might happen from your control panel, or in some cases can even happen through your security system’s mobile interface for your smartphone.

PTZ cameras give you the greatest possible degree of flexibility and capability of any home security system cameras. If you want that kind of versatility, check into these cameras today.

Posted on Monday, January 16th, 2012