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Surveillance cameras can be one of your greatest allies when it comes to preventing crime, as well as catching criminals who successfully burglarized your home. Having visible security cameras can be a blessing and a curse. On one hand, visible units can deter some of the more novice burglars. That being said, advanced burglars love being able to see where your cameras are. They case your property early, from afar, identify these cameras, and make a plan to get around them or disable them. If that occurs, you’ll also want some hidden units so you can still capture the criminals. Here are places your surveillance cameras should be visible, and where they should be hidden. Hidden: in children’s rooms Having hidden cameras in your children’s rooms can help you keep an eye on your kid’s activities as well as your nanny’s or babysitter’s activities. Since you can’t always watch your children or rely on them to tell you the truth about who broke what or what their babysitter did, it’s important to have cameras help you in this department. This… Read more

It’s easy to get caught up in our own lives, rushing from appointment to appointment, and barely spending time in our own neighborhood except when we’re in our homes, eating or sleeping. But taking a little time to get to know your community, stroll the sidewalks, and meet neighbors can be an important factor in improving your safety. A community that doesn’t communicate or look out for one another is an easy target for burglars, so be the neighborhood that stays in touch. Here is why befriending your community could enhance your safety. Differentiate residents from strangers If you get to know who does live in your neighborhood, as well as who their regular visitors are (between friends, family, boyfriends, and girlfriends) then you can also quickly identify when someone doesn’t live there or know someone who lives there. Having a general awareness of who regularly comes and goes from your street will help you notice any suspicious characters who look out of place. Extra eyes on your child It never hurts to know the other parents in your neighborhood… Read more

If you come home to find that your property has been burglarized, the first thing you should do is go back outside, and call the police since the criminals could still be on the property. After the dust settles and the property has been cleared for re-entry, you’ll have to contend with your emotions and the feelings of deep violation. And once that difficult time has passed, you’ll get into a practical fix-it mode and realize that your insurance company may help minimize some of your losses. But burglary and insurance have a complicated relationship. Here is what you can expect when dealing with your insurance company after a burglary. You must file a police report Your insurance company will require you to file a police report before they begin their processes. This is important for a number of reasons, including the fact that it can help the police identify possible patterns of crime in your neighborhood. They may even recover your stolen items. And, it substantiates your claim to your insurance company (i.e. reduces the chances this is fraud,… Read more

Even if you don’t consider yourself someone who has a lot of guests over, if you think back over the last month, you may realize that you’ve had quite a few visitors. Your landlord stopped by with a plumber, one of your neighbors knocked on your door to deliver a package accidentally dropped at their door, and your child's friend's nanny (who is a total stranger to you) picked up the kid after a play date. People only need to pass through your home for a moment—or even just peek in the front door—to see some rather private and valuable items. Here are 10 things you probably leave out, but shouldn’t. Jewelry Perhaps you do your final accessorizing at the mirror by the front door, trying on a few pieces of jewelry before selecting the one you’ll wear. Don’t leave the rejects there—put them in a safe box, in a private room. It’s all too easy for a stranger to pocket these, even if they don’t fully enter your house. Calendars Calendars contain things like travel dates, or the date a… Read more

When it comes to deterring burglars and protecting your home, there’s nothing quite as effective as just being home. But you can’t always be home, so the next best thing is appearing to be home. Leaving a few lights on or keeping the television turned up when you’re away can help scare off an amateur burglar, but the more seasoned criminals are onto these tricks. If you want to discourage the expert-level intruder, you’ll need to step up your game. Here are genius ways to make it look like you’re home, even to the expert burglar. Leave dirty shoes outdoors Leave a set of muddy shoes on your front door step. You can ask a neighbor to stomp them through some fresh mud every few days, so that it always looks like someone just took those off and went inside. Have a neighbor move your car If someone is casing your home, they’ll notice if your car doesn’t move once in several days. Ask a neighbor to move your car a few times while you’re away, and to re-park it… Read more