OmniVision Uses Skype Platform for Wireless IP Home Surveillance Camera

Leading digital imaging solutions developer Omnivision and integrated silicon solutions company Marvell launched a wireless Skype IP security camera designed to allow mobile devices the ability to access a camera’s video feed over the internet. The technology will utilize OmniVision’s OV7740 CameraChip image sensor and Marvell’s application processing and network solution specialization.

“We’ve teamed up with Marvell to enable a camera that sets a new industry standard for easy-to-use home security systems,” Roy Karunakaran, senior product marketing manager at OmniVision, said through a recent press release. “Reflecting the rapid growth of mobile computing markets, this wireless Skype IP camera is designed to operate seamlessly with Skype-video enabled smartphones, tablets and notebooks. This enables users to access their cameras from anywhere through a dedicated Skype ID on their mobile devices to get live high-quality VGA video.”

The current market of webcam security software is limited to a handful of webcam security companies who use proprietary software and market their offerings mostly online. This move by a large company like OmniVision notes the increasing level of demand for easy home security solutions found using components most consumers already have.

“Previously, IP-based home surveillance systems were difficult to install and relied heavily on complex software configurations,” Marvell’s Technical Marketing Manager, Michael Kao, added. “The new Skype IP camera is an important advancement for out-of-the-box home security system providers. Combined with Marvell’s highly integrated application platform, remote access software and consumer-friendly design, I’m incredibly excited to see how providers will leverage this new technology to take home security systems to the next level.”

With cameras found in the majority of computers purchased by the public, OmniVision is making a very smart move of tapping into an industry with an already-built network of potential users.

Posted on Monday, June 4th, 2012