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In the last five years, Nationwide Security has become a leading name in Colorado home protection. Offering customizable, user-friendly security systems starting at just $27.99/month, the authorized ADT dealer is an affordable option well worth the monthly fee. You can trust that the small home security company places its clients’ security at a premium, and you should feel safer than ever with a monitoring system of your own design.


The equipment offered by Nationwide Security is mostly manufactured by Honeywell or DSC, a Tyco International-owned company which produces a limited range of security systems. New customers are offered the choice to customize their own security systems, selecting from its list of motion sensors, door and window sensors, key fobs, smoke and heat detectors, a panic button, and a glass break detector. The basic systems offered by Nationwide Security are very cost-effective–both for the monthly premium and the installation fee–but they’re also fairly limited. A motion sensor, 3 door contacts, a siren, a battery backup, a fire alarm, and a carbon monoxide detector are all offered in the basic package, along with the ADT signs and stickers. The company offers burglary, fire, carbon, flood, and medical monitoring at the basic price, but adding a key fob, OnStar, cellular access, wireless systems, remote access to the burglar alarm, video surveillance, and HVAC lighting all cost extra.

Monitoring and Services

What makes Nationwide Security stand out from many of the home security companies in the country is its “Homeowners Special”. This special offer allows new clients to customize their own security systems. You can choose from the equipment listed above, adding it to your existing home security at a cost of $99 for up to $399 worth of devices. For those who want flexible, tailor-made security, this is an excellent option that few companies offer.

With the Pulse system offered by Nationwide Security, homeowners can take remote control of their home security systems via their cellphones, tablets, and laptops. The company also provides email and text alerts, as well as remote control over lighting, HVAC, and the alarm system itself. It offers free maintenance for any customers paying more than $34/month, though they do lock homeowners into a 36-month contract. Being connected to the ADT network ensures reliable monitoring, as well as quick access to local emergency services.

The company offers only limited Home Automation, and it’s only part of the pricier packages. Users can schedule their thermostat and internal lighting features via their Nationwide Security systems, both via their smart phone, their computers, and any device that can access the web-based app. Priced between $51.99 and $61.99/month, this is definitely a valuable system, but a costly one.


Compared to many national companies, the premiums charged by Nationwide Security are fairly reasonable. Basic coverage costs just $27.99/month, though the price rises as high as $59.99/month if homeowners want a wireless system, video surveillance, HVAC/Lighting control, and remote/cellular access to the systems. Activation and installation prices start at $99 for the basic systems, but go as high as $499 for the complete package.

The Good

Homeowners can customize their security systems to their desired specifications

The Bad

Equipment offered in the basic/affordable package is fairly limited, but adding more features will increase the monthly premiums noticeably

And The Ugly

Only offers a 90-day manufacturer’s warranty, but require a 36-month contract

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Available Benefits

  • Wired Monitoring Systems
  • Wireless Monitoring Systems
  • Video Cameras
  • Motion/Heat/Glass Break Sensors
  • Lighting/Heating Controls
  • Electronic Door Locks/Remote Control
  • Carbon Monoxide Monitors
  • Panic Buttons

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