Monsters in the Closet – Easing Your Children’s Minds at Bed-time

Making your children feel more secure in your home can be a constant challenge, and often, the more attention paid to them, the more emotional your children can become.  So how do you find the happy medium between caring for your kids and not feeding their paranoia?  There-in lies the challenge.
Night Lights

Night lights have long been a common default measure by parents wanting to allay their children’s night-time fears of boogie men and monsters in the closet.  What most parents are not aware of or told by doctors, teachers or night light manufacturers, is that people who had night lights as babies or children are far more likely to require corrective eye-wear later in life. Because the light generally comes askew from one side or another, the iris in the eye is confused and can develop in an ovular or skewed/imperfect manner as it tries to close more on the side of the light and open more on the side of the darkness.  The same can be said for light coming from a window(moonlight, street lights or otherwise) to the side of a bed or light coming from under a door.  I grew up sleeping in the basement with no windows and no night light and have benefited from having better than 20/20 vision all my life. So though it is one of the easiest answers to quiet your children at bed-time, consider some of these other options and protect your children’s vision for years to come.

Music to Fall Asleep By

Whether a lullaby sung by you or your child’s favorite singer off of a recording, music can be quite calming to children and take their mind off of any would-be boogie men and ease them into sleep. It can also help to stimulate positive thoughts which can lead to positive dreams, rather than nightmares.
Read a Book

Read your child a few pages of their favorite book or of a new book each night, every night. They will appreciate the attention and care and, most of all, having you by their side to make them feel safe as they float into never never land.

Putting on a calm, relaxing child oriented DVD can also do the trick, but be careful what you choose, as some movies/shows can be all over the place energy wise. The wrong choice can lead to nightmares or your child bouncing off the walls at just the wrong time. There are some DVD’s designed especially for bed-time so ask at  your local bookstore or see what you can find around the internet in that regard (,, etc).
Whatever method you choose, the key is to make sure your children get plenty of exercise during the day and after dinner, slowly wind things down into more relaxing exploits that will ease your children’s minds

Posted on Friday, April 30th, 2010