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LiveWatch Security Review

While LiveWatch has its home office established in Kansas, it offers home security services to more than 200,000 customers around the United States. The company takes a unique approach to home security, opting to provide customers with a DIY security system but offering remote monitoring from Criticom Monitoring Services as well. For a supremely low monthly premium--just $20/month--homeowners can get their hands on a top-notch security system connected to reliable 24-hour monitoring. This means never having to break a sweat when you’re home alone on a Sunday night or vacationing in the Bahamas.


LiveWatch doesn't manufacture its own equipment, but instead provides customers with GE systems. GE is known for being the #1 manufacturer of home security equipment, with devices that are reliable, durable and incredibly user-friendly. All of the systems are easy to program and come with features that that competitor brands cannot provide. However, GE systems tend to be much more expensive than the competing brands, so it's surprising that LiveWatch can offer the systems starting at just $199.

The beauty of the LiveWatch security systems is that homeowners are able to customize their package as desired. The basic security system package comes with door and window sensors, a keychain remote control for easy access, a touch-screen keypad alarm hub, a motion sensor and a panic detector. For those who are looking for more comprehensive security, LiveWatch packages can include home automation and remote access via smartphone--for an added fee, of course.

Monitoring and Services

LiveWatch does not provide its own monitoring service, instead opting to work with Criticom Monitoring Services (CMS). CMS has an excellent reputation, though there is very little information available online. Criticom is not registered with the BBB, and there are few user reviews online. However, according to users who have reviewed the LiveWatch monitoring services, it is stated that the monitoring offers excellent response times and reliable customer support.

One of the monitoring services offered by the LiveWatch equipment is a two-way voice service. This service allows you to contact emergency responders and the central monitoring station directly via your security system. The systems can be controlled via smart phone or computer from anywhere around the world thanks to the easy-to-install app.

Customers looking for a DIY home security solution will love the simple installation of the GE equipment LiveWatch offers, but the reliability of the monitoring offers peace of mind as well. With all of the home automation and video surveillance features, it's a homeowner's dream.


One of the things that makes LiveWatch stand out is its fees. The monthly fee for the monitoring service is $20/month, which increases to $30/month for those who want remote access to the security system via mobile phone. Upfront costs for the GE security systems are $199 for Plug&Protect Basic or $299 for Plug&Protect IQ, but you end up owning the system and equipment. The warranty lasts for 2 years, and there are no cancellation fees.

The Good…

Working with Criticom Monitoring Services and offering GE equipment ensures a high quality security service.

LiveWatch has an A+ rating with the BBB, has received many positive reviews online, offers excellent customer support and has been in operation for over a decade.

The Bad…

The system could be a bit too complicated for technologically-challenged users, but given its sterling reputation, LiveWatch seems to provide all necessary resources to get you up and running in no time.

And The Ugly

LiveWatch is the middle-man for GE and CMS, which could lead to run-arounds for customers needing technical support.

Our Rating: *8.8 of 10
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