Live and Prerecorded Home Security System Feeds Using Dropcam

If you like to keep an eye on things while you are away, you’re in luck. Yes, you guessed it; there is actually an iPhone application for that! The app and service are offered by Dropcam and they have just made viewing a live home security system camera feed a snap.  Dropcam makes it super convenient for businesses and homeowners to view any Dropcam camera placed inside interior areas that need monitored and they don’t even require batteries or complicated wiring installations.  All you do is plug them in and you’re ready to go!  Easy two step setup directions are provided to get you started by linking you to your Wi-Fi network account. Residents have the option of viewing streaming live video feeds directly on their PC or iPhone.  It’s really the ideal on the go solution for home security.

Each Dropcam package comes with one Dropcam home security systems camera, a 10 foot power cord, 14 foot Ethernet cable, mounting accessories and a free iPhone application for mobile monitoring.  There are two Dropcam Packages that one can choose from.  The first is the standard Dropcam package for $199.00.  This package allows for live video feeds of each camera, but if you want the ability to record at least 7 days worth of video it is best to add the $8.95 monthly plan.  The standard plan does not feature audio capabilities.

The second option is the Dropcam Echo package comes bundled with everything the standard package has, but also includes audio.  A pro package can be added for $24.95 a month to include up to 30 days of video recording.

No matter which package you choose, the Dropcam service can send push alerts or e-mail notifications when any one of your Dropcam security cameras sense a motion disturbance.  In order to use Dropcam, you must have a DSL, cable, or FiOS – a broadband internet connection.  In order to connect properly, Dropcam also requires a Wireless router or wired access to your router.  They support all standard security protocols such as WEP, WPA, and WPA2.

The company backs their cameras and service connection with a 30 day money back guarantee and the cameras are small and easy to use.  The nice part about using Dropcam is that the setup requires no technical installation skills and no extra equipment to buy.

The one disadvantage is that you have to spend an extra $199 for each camera that you might need in order to monitor more than one entrance point around your home or business.  If you find that you have multiple areas to monitor, you can probably get away cheaper by purchasing a bunch of hard wired home security systems cameras from Radio Shack. It is important to keep in mind though that this might mean a lot of router and network fiddling just too finally get access your live camera feeds.

Consumers prefer easy plug and play solutions that save time and are easy to install.  Dropcam fits this bill easily and most homeowners are willing to spend the extra cash for a no headache installation.

Photo via Yutaka Tsutano

Posted on Monday, September 6th, 2010