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Looking for home security devices–alarms, sirens, fire extinguishers, safety ladders, etc.? If so, Kidde is a manufacturer that produces high quality devices, all aimed at protecting your home and family. Thanks to the equipment, homeowners have a full range of products that can help them to monitor their homes and ensure that their families are safe. The devices are primarily aimed at preventing fire and smoke hazards, and many have excellent user reviews online.


Kidde manufactures its own security and safety equipment, and many users have compared it to the quality of devices manufactured by First Alert. First Alert is the company that GE and Honeywell systems are most compatible with, and its prices are slightly lower than those of the Kidde products. However, in terms of quality and ease of use, Kidde is considered on par with the leading alarm and safety device manufacturer in the country.

Most of the devices produced by Kidde are meant to protect the home from fire hazards. The range of products includes smoke detectors, fire alarms, CO alarms, fire extinguishers, escape ladders, and other devices meant to ensure that the home is safe. However, it also provides key security for homes, providing key safes as a secure place for homeowners to store house keys. With these key security devices, you’ll never need to worry about being locked out of your house.

Monitoring and Services

Kidde does not provide any form of monitoring, but the company only offers the home security devices for sale. It has a number of points of sale in every state–including Hawaii and Alaska–but the best place to purchase the Kidde Security devices is online. Not only are the products available via the company website, but they can be purchased on Amazon, CNET, and a wide assortment of other online security product retailers.

What makes Kidde stand out from its competition is the fact that it provides combination smoke, fire, and CO2 alarms. This means that a single alarm can detect all three problems, reducing the number of alarms needed in home. The alarms come with both photoelectric and ionization sensors, ensuring that the best smoke detection technologies are used to protect homeowners. The Kidde combination smoke/fire/CO2 alarms all have good ratings, and users have commented on their ease of use. The 10-year battery life is one of the devices’ primary selling points.

In early 2014, Kidde was forced to recall over 1.2 million units in the United States and Canada. The recalled alarms had the potential to fail to alert homeowners to a CO or fire incident immediately following a power cut, as the devices were hard-wired into the home’s power supply. Kidde replaced the alarms with battery-powered devices that had a much lower risk of failure. While there were no injuries or incidents, the recall affected many homes around North America.


The cost of Kidde’s devices is slightly higher than the company’s direct competition: First Alarm. The basic smoke alarm costs $21.99, down from the original $29.99. The basic carbon monoxide alarm costs just under $30, while the fire escape ladders start at $32. The residential fire extinguishers start at $60 brand new,  and the key safes start at $35.

The Good…

Kidde is known for its high quality, battery powered smoke, fire, and CO2 alarms, all for reasonable prices.

The products are available everywhere within the United States, both online and in traditional retailers.

The Bad…

Kidde does not provide monitoring or home security services beyond the basic alarms and monitors.

And The Ugly

Getting in touch with Kidde to return faulty or defective products can be challenging.

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Available Benefits

  • Fire Alarms
  • Smoke Alarms
  • CO2 Monitors
  • Key Safes/Cabinets
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Fire Escape Ladders
  • Combination Locks

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