Keeping Your Pets Safe this Fall Season

dog in fall

Wouldn’t it be adorable if cats and dogs carried little umbrellas with them and knew how to put on rain boots? Unfortunately, they don’t know anything about staying dry and safe in the fall. Pets don’t change the way they play and live just because the weather changes, so it’s up to us as animal lovers to make sure our properties are safe for our furry friends.

What can you do to make sure they stay protected? Here are a few tips to help your cat, dog or other furry friend safe this fall and upcoming winter season.

Keep them away from space heaters.

You likely turn on a few space heaters around your home if you want to warm specific rooms without turning on your thermostat. Unfortunately, space heaters that sit on the floor can be very dangerous for pets. Dogs and cats don’t know they shouldn’t go near these, or sit close to them. In fact, many pets specifically enjoy sitting in front of space heaters because of the warmth, but a short circuit and a spark could cause a pet’s fur to catch fire. Stick to your thermostat in the fall. If used correctly and scheduled for the right hours, it can actually save energy.

Clear pet toys from space heaters.

Watch where your pets drag their toys and beds. They could easily leave a highly flammable toy right in front of a space heater or floor heating vent. Take a stroll around the house a few times a day to make sure your animals didn’t leave their belongings in unsafe areas.

Clear piles of leaves.

Your pet may love to jump in piles of leaves, or chase them when they blow in the wind, but this pretty foliage could be dangerous. Snakes, spiders, and other dangerous critters are attracted to the dark, moist environment under leaves. Rake away piles of leaves every day before allowing your pets to play outdoors.

Don’t let your dogs lick cars.

If you notice your dog sniffing around under cars, it could be that he’s searching for antifreeze. Antifreeze tastes very sweet, but it can be deadly in even minuscule amounts to pets. In the fall and winter, people begin using more of the stuff on their cars, so don’t let your pet lick the underside of vehicles, or any puddles beneath vehicles.

Tuck away holiday treats.

It’s the time of year when neighbors and friends stop by with trays of cookies and bags of confectionery treats. Since you don’t have a regular storage area for these as you do for your ordinary groceries, you may just leave them on a counter or in the foyer. But pets can easily get hold of these and inhale them in minutes, which could cost you a pricey visit to the vet. Store fall treats away on high shelves.

Watch out for new sprouting veggies.

You may notice mushrooms sprouting up in the ground during the fall. They’re cute, but they’re not edible. If you find these in your yard, pick them and throw them out. Keep an eye out for them when you take your pet out for walks, too.

Don’t let pets off leash in the forest.

The colorful fall leaves might make you crave a walk in the woods. Since you don’t need to worry about cars out there, you might feel tempted to let your dog off the leash. But there are still other hazards, like raccoons, skunks or other vicious wild animals. Keep your dog on a leash in wilderness areas.

Clear out pet doors.

Does your dog or cat go in and out as he pleases through a pet door? Debris can easily clutter these doors, making them hard for your animal to open. Make sure they’re clear and open easily every day. You should also put some paw mats in front of the door so your pets don’t drag mud and water into your home and make the floors slippery.

Fall makes for some gorgeous adventures with your pet, but you still need to be cautious because your furry friend doesn’t understand the hazards that come with the change of seasons.



Posted on Friday, December 1st, 2017