Keep Safe Like Celebrities With Home Security Cameras

In the summer of 2010, veteran actress Sandra Bullock was threatened when an obsessed fan showed up at her Wyoming home. Her Western homestead is one of a handful of havens, including a Texas abode, where she raises her adopted son—or haven so she thought. As you’ve probably read about in the tabloids, maybe while waiting in line at the grocery checkout or browsing an On The Topic In The Red Moment Internet news site, she was imperiled by a mad stalker who drove across the country from Tennessee to find her. The notorious man has been bothering Bullock for at least 7 years and already had a straining order for previously creepy actions and home security scares toward the her. Although the actress and others in her class can afford the very best home alarms, burglar protection, and several round-the-clock bodyguards, even celebrities like Sandra Bullock many times still worry about the insane and dangerous people that their home security methods do not deter. So they, just like all of us, must continue to stay up to date on the latest technologies and best materials that fight home intruders.

One of the problems major for celebrities and also your home is forced entry. Although you may have home alarms to alert the house and nearby police station of stalkers and thieves at bay, a determined trespasser will always try to break their barriers, and sometimes literally. Expert burglars know how much time they have before the cops roll through.

That is why celebrities use home security cameras.

Like Bullock, so-called celebrity couple Brangelina have a lot of property to protect as well as their most valued assets—their growing clan of adopted and biological children. They install home security cameras in every one of their homes. Rapper 50 Cent was quoted in a CNN News article explaining the collection of home security surveillance cameras that surround his property. He says, “My home is surrounded by cameras. I need surveillance not only to look out for me but also to protect me.” Just like you, celebrities often leave their homes during the day for business. When you’re not available to react to persons unlawfully on your property, the next best thing is another set of eyes, AKA a pair of home security cameras. The best thing about those eyes happen is that they happen to be connected to a brain-like bank of digital memory that won’t forget a face. If anything goes down like a robbery or an attempted assault, the perpetrator will be caught on camera. Although you may not be on the celebrity budget, you can still protect yourself like one. Your cozier home could be less property area than theirs to watch over, which means less of the excess and less to spend. One camera to watch over your home could translate to the same camera-to-acre ratio as theirs. With a home security camera, you can live protected like the celebrities, making you feel famously safe.

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Posted on Friday, August 20th, 2010