Intuition – Why I Listen to those Little Voices

by Laurence O’Bryan, international author whose first novel, The Istanbul Puzzle, from Harper Collins (Kindle US download here), is being translated into 9 foreign languages.

I was burgled once, twenty years ago. I still miss the things they took. They got all my nice stuff, a neat portable video tape player, an expensive suede jacket, my TV, my best watch and lots more.

But what I hated most was the feeling that I was living where anyone could just walk in, any time they wanted. I had to replace the lock on the front door and sleep with a hammer (I was in London – no guns allowed) by my bed, just in case, for ages after that. They’d written some stupid stuff on my wall too.

It wasn’t a lot of fun. I moved out of that place a few months later. It never felt safe after that.

I have two electronic security systems in our house now and I’m glad I have them. I have a family these days, two young children.

Two houses on our road have been robbed in the past few years, one while the people were sleeping. In that case they took the glass out of a window intact! Then they got in and stole everything of value.

I know too that the bad guys are getting badder. Everywhere. Drugs and guns can be bought by anyone and some of that stuff eats their brains. I kid you not.

It our duty to protect our families. We cannot escape that.

The most important thing we have to learn is to listen to our intuition, especially our fear. It is a gift, something we’ve been given to help protect us.

Here’s how you can listen to your intuition:

If you’re walking home and you hear someone behind you, get safe.

If you see a weird guy in the car park, get safe.

If you don’t want to get in an elevator because there’s a funny guy in the back (and it is mostly men we all have to worry about) then don’t – turn away, get safe.

I really do listen to that little voice inside my head now. I’ve read stories about rapes, mugging-and-worse victims who heard a little voice in their head and didn’t listen to it and ended up suffering simply because they disregarded their intuition. I don’t want to end up like them.

So do this for me, listen to the voice inside your head, and move when it tells you to.

And don’t forget to get your house properly protected, at the very least. I recommend double protection. Belt and braces as we used to say. I don’t ever want to be embarrassed. And I don’t ever want to have an unsafe home.

We all need somewhere to run to when the bad guys are on the loose. Make your home as secure as you can afford.

This is not crazy. This is real. Promise me from now on, at the very least, you will listen to your intuition. And don’t ever say you weren’t warned. This message is for you.

Posted on Thursday, May 31st, 2012