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We’ve all heard the stories of housekeepers quietly stealing from our homes while they work, or the employee who is slacking off on the job because of a lack of supervision. The most common solution we can think of is to be a physical presence to these people so they know that they are being supervised, but there is a better way to have presence without actually being present: surveillance technology.

A recent report released by Markets and Markets that forecasts a 5-year 9.1% growth rate of the global home security industry also noted that much of that potential growth is expected to come from the increased sales of surveillance technologies.

We at had the enjoyable opportunity to interview the president of, Jeffrey Jurist, on some surveillance related security issues and topics: Your site has a plethora of surveillance equipment available to consumers which leads me to believe that there are many reasons for surveillance. What is the most common purpose behind someone purchasing surveillance equipment?

Jeffrey: Surveillance equipment is in high demand, as every person has the right to secure their environment if needed. Both “Consumers & Businesses” have their own reasons for Security Cameras and evidence recording.

Watching the Nanny, Teen, Spouse, Housekeeper, or Employees all are the obvious reasons for surveillance.

HSS: It seems that privacy can be an issue when using surveillance technologies. What sort of legal issues should a consumer be aware of before using these technologies?

J: As for legal issues we are not qualified to offer opinion.
Consumers can either check with local authorities or attorney for advice of legalities issues using any equipment. BUT we can share that ALL of our products are legal to use if person using owns the business premises, vehicle, or residence.

Within the USA, surreptitious audio is not allowed, so we do not offer audio feature with any hidden covert cameras.

HSS: As we have seen in other industries, tech products keep getting smaller and faster. How small can a functional surveillance camera get without sacrificing overall video quality?

J: Hidden cameras can be pinhole in size, and offer high resolution video images.

HSS: More and more home security system users are asking for surveillance cameras as a part of their overall home security strategy. What technological advances can home security customers look forward to from the surveillance tech industry over the next few years?

J: As the future of home security systems and surveillance cameras for home security moves forward, there will be great technological advances.
There will be smart homes or smart environments where home security customers can interact with on demand. Many of which is in actual use today.

Posted on Tuesday, June 26th, 2012