Imitation Deterrents-Making the Most Out of Fake Home Security Cameras

Deterring robbery isn’t as hard as you may think.  When you’re in doubt about whether to purchase high tech cameras, sometimes it’s just enough to fake it.  Fake home security cameras can be very realistic looking and are a lot less expensive to buy then real ones.  Of course you lose the functionality of recording any activity or catching someone in the act, but it can be a great addition to your existing home security systems.  Cost effectiveness can play a major issue in preparing to protect your home from being burglarized, so it’s nice to know there are inexpensive alternative devices that may scare aware unwanted guests.

Protecting your family and valuable assets is of utmost importance these days and imitation security cameras can be installed quite easily.  It’s simply a real security camera that doesn’t contain a real camera inside its housing unit, but the person trespassing on your property will not know that.  This fact alone means the dummy camera will hold a lot of value for you in acting as the mystery deterrent.    Fake security cameras can create an illusion that your fortress is protected by watchful eyes and now display neat features such as realistic blinking red lights and motion to complete its trickery.

A large line of imitation cameras are available today that all offer different features and some even react to movement.  They are rather successful at intimidating thieves and operate most times off of a few simple AA batteries.    Be selective though when choosing a camera as some are made of cheap plastic and can appear toy like.  Look for models with built in lenses inside a metal body, NOT plastic.  Lenses should be black that reflect at least some ambient light, making it appear like a realistic camera lens. Authentic surveillance security cameras normally don’t make noise as well, so look for a unit that isn’t loud or noisy.  They also have to appear to focus on the individual who has activated its motion sensor.

Fake security cameras are not everyone’s cup of tea, but for the right situation it can sometimes make a world of difference.   No longer will irresponsible dog walkers bring their pooch to your yard to dump a little surprise.  They’ll be a surprise waiting for them and your fake camera will do its job.  If you’re a business who likes your employees to take fewer breaks and be more attentive at work, this might be the solution for your office.   Its cheaper then some high tech home security systems and will make your employees sit up and take notice.

Don’t be a dummy; buy an imitation camera for your home or office today, because being sneaky can actually be smart and savvy.

Photo via modernfamily

Posted on Friday, October 15th, 2010