How to Stop Illicit Activity in Your Neighborhood

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Your neighborhood may not be on the police force’s radar as a hot spot for illegal activity, but that doesn’t mean none is happening. In your city, there are probably some neighborhoods where you’ll always find a cop car posted, while others receive little to no patrolling. But if you believe there is reason for police to pay a bit more attention to your neighborhood, it’s up to you to bring that to their attention.

Certain specific behaviors and activities could get their attention, so keep an eye out for the following telltale signs of illicit activity.

Regular and alarming screaming.

If you hear regular screaming coming from the same residence on a daily or weekly basis, there could be anything from domestic abuse to gang activity. Any consistent and alarming screaming should be cause to call the police. If the residents of the unit where the screaming comes from tend to avoid eye contact, it’s probably a sign that they’re doing something they shouldn’t be.

A revolving door of individuals.

Your neighbors are entitled to have guests over, but look out for any houses or apartments that seem to have a revolving door of individuals. If you see a lot of human traffic going in and out of a home, there is something fishy going on.

Strange lights and black out curtains.

People growing drugs illegally out of a house or apartment without the right permits may take extra care in covering their windows. If you see strange activity accompanied by black-out curtains or strange lights, that may be the sign of some illicit criminal activity.

Someone meeting different cars on the street corner.

If you notice someone regularly standing on the street corner late at night, looking around nervously, and approaching different cars, this should be a red flag. This individual might be selling illicit substances.

Extremely loud music.

If one of your neighbors regularly plays loud music, that’s not only an annoyance—it may be a cover-up. If you think you hear muffled sounds, such as breaking glass or screaming beneath the music, this neighbor is probably using music to cover up police-worthy activity. While you cannot prove this, fortunately, you can make a sound complaint to the police. From there, the police can determine if something illegal is happening in the unit.

Seemingly unnecessary security.

If a small apartment regularly has guards standing in front of it, maybe big individuals without a uniform, that could be a site of illegal activity. People carrying out illicit activity often hire lookouts and security guards. Do not approach them, but file a complaint with the police, especially if this is paired with any other strange activity or patterns.

Covert unloading of vans

Be suspicious of any unmarked vans that regularly park in front of a unit late at night and take great pains to cover up what they’re loading or unloading. Most legitimate businesses do not make deliveries to residential areas at 3 in the morning.

If you spot any of this activity on your street, you can make an anonymous call to the police. This will help your neighborhood receive better protection, as well as send the message to criminals that this is not a welcoming place for illegal activity.



Posted on Thursday, August 24th, 2017