How to Keep Your Home Safe During the Most Active Burglary Times


Do you think that most burglaries occur at night, when homeowners are fast asleep and criminals can work under the cover of darkness? Think again. While that may be when other, more viscous crimes like drug dealing and bank robberies occur, home burglaries happen most often in broad daylight—when you’re at work and your kids are at school. Most burglars prefer to enter an unoccupied house, and they can expect to find one in the middle of the workday.

Worried about your home while you’re away? Here are ways to protect your home between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. — the busiest time for burglary.

Activate property perimeter alarms.

The best thing you can do is keep burglars off your property entirely during the day. So set up motion sensor alarms around the perimeter of your property. You can schedule these to turn off if you have a dog walker stopping by, but at any other time, they could deter a burglar from even stepping foot on your front lawn. With a smart security system, you’ll receive a notification if one of these alarms sounds. From there, you can check on your live surveillance and see who triggered it. Should it just be a solicitor, you can turn it off.

Lock every window when you leave.

The last thing burglars want to do is have to smash a window—they hate making noise and drawing attention to themselves. They won’t have to, however, if you’ve left any windows unlocked. So take the time to walk around your property and lock every window—even the high up ones—before leaving for the day.

Get a dog—even a fake one.

As previously mentioned, burglars do not want to make noise when they approach a property. If you’ve been considering getting a dog and there have been break-ins in your neighborhood, now is the time. Burglars are much less likely to enter a property if there is a dog. For those who aren’t ready to commit to a pet, you can invest in a small noise machine that simply plays a barking soundtrack when someone approaches. You can also get a “Beware Guard Dog” sign for your yard and leave fake clues that would indicate you have a dog – like a leash in the yard or dog toys – to fool potential intruders.

Have a security neighbor buddy.

Do you have a neighbor who works opposite hours as you do? If you know someone who works evenings, while you work during the day, you can check on one another’s properties. If a burglar has been casing your neighborhood, simply seeing that somebody visits your property a few times a week during the day could deter him.

Don’t make your yard too enticing.

Burglars often choose which properties to enter based on appearance. So even if you have an affinity for expensive art installations, keep these inside of your home, rather than on your front lawn. Keeping the outside of your home simple and humble is a good way to stay off a burglar’s target list. Keep expensive patio furniture and yard games like ping pong or billiards out of your yard.

Put decals on your lawn and windows.

If you have a security system, then let everyone know it by putting decals on your lawn and window, notifying onlookers that your property is protected. Sometimes, that’s enough to send a burglar on his way.

Cover and secure sliding doors.

Burglars love sliding doors because they’re easier to break into than regular doors. The first thing to do is cover these with curtains so burglars don’t know, by a quick glance, which rooms have sliding doors. The second thing you should do is put a stop in the door track.

Put a false sign on the door.

It couldn’t hurt to put a note on your front door stating something like, “Be back in five!” For all the burglar knows, you’re expecting a visitor, and you just ran to the post office. You could actually be miles away at work, but a burglar won’t want to take the risk once he sees that note.

If you have to go to an office during the day, leaving your home unoccupied, you need to take precautions to protect your home. After all, when you’re at work, so are burglars.



Posted on Monday, March 5th, 2018