How Do Home Security Systems Sensors And Other Components Operate?

Main components of home security systems

The primary components of home security systems include the following:

  • the alarm
  • the battery
  • the control keypad
  • the door and window sensors
  • a phone jack
  • a transformer

The more sophisticated home security systems on the market today provide some of the best security for your home and have the capability of alerting the monitoring company that is watching over your family and house.  Once the monitoring company is alerted by these systems, they then notify the proper authorities of what is happening.

Door and window sensors

Door sensors are a key component of home security systems.  There are two types which enhance the security of your home and protect the contents of it whenever using these systems.  One type of door sensor is directly wired into the electrical source in the home (hard-wired), while the other type operates wirelessly.  However, whether it is hard-wired or wireless home security systems, these are going to consist of motion detectors and sensors typically mounted to protect doorways and windows.

Doors and windows in the home that are the most susceptible to break-ins will have magnetic sensors installed on them as part of these security systems.  Whenever an intruder comes into the home through one of the doors or windows protected by these sensors, the alarm goes off, instantly alerting the monitoring company who then takes action to contact the proper authorities.

Electricity and magnets

Electrical voltage is kept flowing throughout the circuit areas of the home security systems by virtue of sensor magnets once the doors and windows have been closed and locked.  If an intruder enters your home through one of the protected doors or windows, the flow of electrical voltage is interrupted which in turn activates the alarm.  The security monitoring company that watches over these systems quickly notifies your local police department once they are alerted to this.

Modern day home security systems are entirely capable of alerting these monitoring companies of which door or window has been breached by the intruder.  As with any of the other system components, you always want to make sure that they are properly maintained.  Any malfunctions during the testing of the system should be reported to the particular security system company so that a technician can check it out and perform the necessary repairs.

Photo via Carolyn Coles
Posted on Wednesday, October 13th, 2010