How an Active Surveillance System Could Help Keep Your Teen Safe

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When is it safe to leave your teenage at home alone?

Once they can drive, have started applying for colleges or are even babysitting your younger kids, they’re bound to start insisting they no longer need a babysitter themselves. It can be very difficult to know when the right time comes. Each teen is different, but if your teenager has already displayed a sense of responsibility and trustworthiness, he or she may be ready to stay home without you.

Fortunately, having a home automated security system can make this transition much easier. Here’s how.

Know when the doorbell rings

Your teen promised not to have friends over, or at least not certain friends. But how will you know who is there if you can’t be there? Your home-automated system can notify you anytime the doorbell rings so you can check the surveillance, and make sure only friends you said could be there are there. Your child could, of course, try to sneak friends in through a backdoor. Fortunately, your security system can also let you know when a back door is open.

Monitor the car

Normally, when you’re home, you notice if your child takes the car out longer than they said they would. But monitoring vehicle usage is a bit trickier when you’re away. Many home-automated systems come with a GPS tracking system for your car, so you can check in and see when the car is in use and where it is. If your child has clearly taken the car too far or is somewhere unsafe, you’ll know, and you can call them right away.

Help is always one button away

While your child knows to call 911 in an emergency, teenagers can’t always identify an emergency (like a stranger lurking around the property) and sometimes, they’re too panicked to use their phones. If something sets off your alarm systems, or you see something on your surveillance footage that worries you, you can send representatives from your security company to your home, all with the press of a button.

Check that they locked the doors

If you are leaving your teen alone overnight, you can use your home-automated system to make sure they locked all of the doors and windows. If you notice any unlocked, you can lock them remotely.

Make sure they obey curfew

One of the most worrisome parts of leaving your teen home alone is that you can’t be there to know when they get home. But your security system can be! Your home automated system can notify you any time a door opens or closes, so you can make sure the front door opens at the hour your teen said he or she would be back (and doesn’t open again for the night).

Check that they turned off appliances

Your teen isn’t always the best at setting timers or doing a quick appliance check before going to bed. Using your home automated system, you can check that your teenager turned off the oven after making that pizza and turned off the television before going to bed.

Sound like you’re there, when you aren’t

If you’d prefer your teenager didn’t answer the door while you’re away, you can still do so, remotely. A smart doorbell allows your voice to come through speakers in the doorbell, making it sound like you’re on the other side of the door. This will let you tell solicitors to go away, and make it sound like an adult is home.

Secure off-limit areas

There are probably areas of the house you don’t want your teenager or his or her friends entering. Use your security system to activate motion sensor alarms around these rooms. You’ll receive a notification on your smart phone if someone enters these areas. Then, you can check your surveillance and see who it is.

A home automated system lets you show your teen you trust them, without giving up total control of their safety or your home.



Posted on Monday, January 8th, 2018