Hosting the Thanksgiving Meal – Secure Your Home Before the Guests Arrive


You’ve offered to host the Thanksgiving meal this year. That’s very generous of you as it’s a big financial and time commitment. However, it’s nice to have all of your loved ones around your table, and guests are usually willing to contribute side dishes and help clean up. Just remember that you’re responsible for the safety of your guests. On a night where you may have a deep fryer running and plenty of wine pouring, that task is harder than it sounds. Once everyone arrives, you’ll be distracted by chitchat and requests for beverages so it’s best to secure your home while it’s still quiet. Here are ways to make your home safe for Thanksgiving guests.

Put away precious silverware

If you have precious silverware, champagne glasses, or other items you don’t want people using this evening, lock those away. When guests are hungry or thirsty, they may grab the first piece of dishware they find on a shelf, but they may accidentally break the champagne flutes you received as a wedding gift.

Add the necessary instructions

You’re familiar with your house’s quirks but your guests are not. Put notes where necessary to warn people of a sink that gets very hot, a step that’s hard to see, or a pathway that can be slippery.

Schedule backdoor locks

It’s best to only have people coming in and out of one door since it’s hard to monitor several entrances. Schedule back and side doors to lock during the dinner, so you can easily see who comes and goes.

Put timers on appliances

You probably won’t remember to turn off every crockpot, kettle, and coffee machine once you’re busy with your guests. Put timers on all active appliances now so they’ll automatically shut off when finished.

Schedule lights on walkways

If your driveway leading up to your home or walkways around your home get dark at night, schedule lights to turn on at sunset. You might know how to navigate these areas at night but your guests don’t. Lighting the areas can prevent injuries.

Check your smoke alarms

Make sure your some alarms are in working order. When you’re cooking the Thanksgiving meal, you face a lot of fire hazards so it’s important that your smoke detectors have working batteries.

Keep guests out of the kitchen

It’s best if guests stay out of the kitchen while you’re cooking. Having multiple people in the kitchen increases the risk for hot oil spills, fires, and other accidents. Set up an area in the living or dining room that makes it clear where guests should congregate. Ask your partner or another family member to entertain guests while you cook.

Locate your fire extinguisher

First off, if you don’t have a fire extinguisher, then buy one today. If you already own one, make sure you know where it is and that it is full. Instruct all family members on how to use it.

Run vents early

If you are using a natural gas or propane stove, begin running vents and opening windows early to avoid a toxic gas buildup. As more people show up, it will be harder to keep fresh air circulating so start the process early.

Put away real candles

If you have real candles, put those away. You don’t want guests lighting them, believing they’re doing you a favor when they’re just causing a fire hazard. Put out battery-operated candles in advance.

Create a safe area for kids

If there will be kids at the dinner, create a safe area for them away from the kitchen. Make sure they have plenty of toys and games to entertain them, so they don’t try to enter the kitchen. Put someone on child-watch duty.

Hosting the holiday meal feels great since you get to provide a warm environment and delicious food for loved ones. Just make sure to get your home ready and prepare for safety hazards before everyone arrives.

Posted on Friday, November 16th, 2018