Home Security Tips for First-Time Home Buyers

Home security systems are one of those things that you just don’t think about when you’re buying your first home. The fact of the matter is you’re probably more concerned about the neighborhood, about the number of rooms and square feet in the home, and even the local school system. Understand, however, that home invasions can happen in even the best of neighborhoods, and in many cases it’s affluent neighborhoods that become targets of the most motivated criminals. You need to give some serious consideration to homes security systems and other safety measures.

Here’s what you need to know when you’re moving into that first home:

  • Most burglaries are crimes of opportunity. Burglars look for an easy victim. There are a handful of things that will tell a criminal that your house isn’t the one to invade, such as security cameras and evidence of a home security system. Be careful here, however; skilled criminals have learned how to identify fake security cameras, so don’t rely on them to deter any but the laziest of criminals.
  • Monitored security systems give you a way to respond to burglars when you’re not around. Whether you’re on vacation or at work, a monitored system will send a signal to the security company and/or authorities to let them know something’s going on. You’re not always in a place where you can respond, so this is often the best option available.
  • You can install a reliable do-it-yourself home security system rather inexpensively. You can spend a couple hundred dollars at the local home improvement store and put in a system yourself that will stop most burglaries. If you’ve got a restricted budget, this is often the best option.
  • Use your neighborhood resources. A Neighborhood Watch program and friendly relationships with your neighbors is often the best home security system you can have. Letting neighbors know when you’re going to be out of town so they can keep an eye out for suspicious activity will often add an extra layer of protection to your home when you’re on vacation.

Ultimately, you need to develop an overall home security strategy that provides several layers of deterrence and protection, from home security systems to deadbolt locks to Neighborhood Watch.

Posted on Monday, August 22nd, 2011