Home Security Systems in Rural Areas

Many people believe, erroneously, that home security systems are beneficial only to people living in areas with dense populations. Although crime is more likely to occur in urban areas, rural and exurban areas have been seeing more and more crime lately as people relocate to rural areas. People living in rural areas tend to have larger amounts of undeveloped land in their property boundaries; this can greatly assist a criminal in targeting your residence. If you live on a farm, it can be difficult to keep tabs across many acres of land. You may think keeping a gun in the bedroom might be enough¬†home security, but you’d be wrong.
Be sure you have working locks on any sheds, stables, and other auxiliary buildings around your property. A thief can easily walk into a tool shed and slip out, undetected, with countless dollars’ worth of expensive equipment. Install motion-sensor floodlights by the entrance to these places. Remember, darkness is a criminal’s best friend. Some security systems will allow you to put sensors on farm buildings that will sound an alarm inside your house if someone enters unexpectedly. If you have the money, these might be worth the investment.
If you have a long driveway, as many rural properties do, you can install transmitters at the beginning of the driveway to alert you when someone heads toward your home unexpectedly. These transmitters are usually not too expensive, and can be put up in trees or even underground. You’ll have plenty of time to prepare yourself for any unwanted guests. If you have a larger budget, you can also put up a gate at the front of the property with either an electronic pass code or an intercom system. However, in order for a gated entrance to be effective, you have to ensure such a gate to limit entrance to the front of the property. The fanciest gate¬†security system is meaningless if a criminal can walk over the gate, or hoist themselves over a wall, undetected.
Another option to consider is a radio transmitter system. These can provide coverage for large expanses of land. If something enters the field of the radio waves, and the receiver picks up the disturbance, an alarm of some sort will go off. Although managing a large tract of rural land may seem difficult, you still have many options for providing an adequate security system no matter how far in the sticks you are.
Photo via Alex E. Proimos
Posted on Monday, June 28th, 2010