Home Security in Three Layers

When you think of home security, you typically think of a home security system. Yet, a reliable home security system is only one piece of the puzzle. A more appropriate analogy, however, might be that it’s simply one layer of the cake.

There are, essentially, three layers of security that stand between you and a home invader. Your home security system can interact with all three layers, and you need to consider all three when making home security plans.

Layer One: External Security

The external security has to do with your yard as well as entry points into your house. Measures you can take to secure this layer include:

  • Reinforce doors. Most doors are easy to break down. Reinforce your door’s strike plate with stronger screws and a high-heat composite door frame to make it harder to break through.
  • Install deadbolts. Deadbolt locks aren’t impenetrable, but they are much harder to pick than standard locks.
  • Secure windows. If you’re especially worried, consider security shutters.
  • Use a peep hole in the front door. That way you won’t accidentally let someone in who shouldn’t be there.
  • Set up motion sensitive lights. Light is a burglars worst enemy.
  • Provide visual security cues. Things like security signs and stickers, real or fake home security cameras and even a large dog food bowl can all be deterrents.

Layer Two: Internal Security

If a home invader makes it past all of those measures, you need additional protection. A home alarm system that includes a voice call feature to the security monitoring company as well as security cameras can help with this.

Keeping valuables and guns locked up where burglars can’t get to them is another important aspect of internal security.

Layer Three: Personal Security

This is the most important layer of home security: keeping yourself and your family safe.

Personal security has to do with things like teaching your family not to open the door to a stranger, setting up a neighborhood watch program, and more. At this point, your home security system has been bypassed entirely, and you need to worry about your well-being instead of just your possessions.

In addition, make sure you have emergency plans, and that everyone in your household knows how to follow them.

Posted on Tuesday, December 27th, 2011