Home Security in Bad Neighborhoods

If you live in a high crime neighborhood, you should invest in security measures for your home. Burglary and home invasion are common problems in dangerous areas. Crime-ridden neighborhoods are not always necessarily in cities anymore; crime has travelled out of urban areas and into the suburbs more and more. Houses in high crime areas are particularly vulnerable, because they’re easier and quicker targets than houses in affluent, safer areas. Many people who live in unsafe areas might not have the money needed to purchase an extensive security system. However, regardless of your financial situation,¬†home security is something you should take seriously if you are located in a dangerous neighborhood.

First comes common sense. Lock your doors, and purchase a deadbolt for any doors leading outside your home. Your windows should be secured with window locks. If you live in an area with extremely high crime, you may want to consider bars for your windows. Be sure to have motion-sensor lighting for any outdoor areas. Dark areas are perfect for criminal activity, so a well-placed flood light could make all the difference. Motion-activated flood lights improve security right at the front entrance to your home as well. If you are living in an apartment building, you will still want to consider your security. Although many apartment buildings these days have building-wide security, the security of your own living space is up to you.

Alarm systems are wonderful if you can afford them. There are a wide variety of different options for alarm systems. Very basic alarm systems will trigger when someone sets off the sensor, which is usually near the entrances to the home. The alarm will sound, alerting anyone in the home, in addition to people on the street, of any breaking and entering that might occur. More sophisticated security systems have sensors for windows as well.

More extensive security systems will transmit an electronic signal upon entry that may call your cell phone, or alert local authorities. Systems like these may also use silent alarms that fool criminals into thinking they’ve broken into a house without security measures. Silent alarms may be useful for vacations, or other extended stay from home. However, these are not advisable for when you are actually sleeping in the residence. Home security packages are available through many different venues, but it’s always important to consider your needs and how much you’re willing to spend on security measures. You can never be too safe; high dollar systems may include security cameras, sound-activated alarms, and so forth. Just remember, when looking at home safety options, that you decide on something both effective and practical.

Posted on Thursday, June 17th, 2010